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Thread: GT5: Grind A-Spec PS3 Project for Teensy Development Boards

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    OGroteKoning Guest

    GT5: Grind A-Spec PS3 Project for Teensy Development Boards

    This PS3 project might help someone out there to use their Teensy development boards for at least something, I call it my GT5: Grind A-Spec babysitter.

    I got the idea from a mate of mine who used a keypad with paper wedged in to keep the enter key depressed and a controller with rubber bands and presstic. I don't own a usb keuboard or keypad, so I asked some questions and did some reading and this is the result.

    Keep in mind I know nothing about programming and I can not help with other development boards.. although the code is very simple, I had to ask for advice.

    Thanks to Paul at PJRC for doing the code for me.

    1. Download and install Arudino Software
    2. Download and install Teensy Loader
    3. Download and install Teensyduino installer
    4. Run the Teensyduino installer (You must select the location where you extracted the Arduino Software)
    5. Run the Arudino software and the Teensy loader
    6. Plug in the Teensy development board into a USB slot
    7. Copy the following code into the Arduino software
    // menu: Tools > Board must be set up one of the Teensy boards
    // menu: Tools > USB Type must be set to Keyboard
    // setup runs once
    void setup() {
    // loop runs over and over, as long as power is on
    void loop() {
    8. Click "verify".
    9. Then push the button on your Teensy (of course, it needs to be plugged in), and it'll get programmed with this code.

    This tells the Teensy to "pres ENTER" all the time

    10. Remove the Teensy
    11. Switch on the PS3 and load GT5.
    12. Go to Extreme A-Spec races
    13. Select the Indy track in "Like the Wind"
    14. Make sure you use the Red Bull X1 (Switch all assists to on, traction control 5, ABS 1, reduce downforce to minimum and change oil)
    15. Make sure "accelerate" is set to up on the right analog stick
    16. Take a rubber band and put it around the right analog stick to the front of the controller and around - secure it around the right handle - this will make the car accelerate all the time
    17. Enter the race.
    18. Now do the same with the left analog stick. You will see in the race that the car will go straight all the time - adjust the steering ever so slightly to the right so the car does not go left when it is released from the walls (just do it - you will see what I mean - it might take a few races to fine tune this). The controller must be plugged into the USB, else the battery might go flat and the grinding comes to a halt.
    19. Plug in the Teensy into the PS3.

    When the race is finished, the Teensy will do all the keystrokes for the race to be repeated.

    [imglink=|GT5: Grind A-Spec PS3 Project for Teensy Development Boards][/imglink]
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    Apr 2005
    I moved this to the main page now, and +Rep for sharing the project OGroteKoning.

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    dyceast Guest
    Anyone got a video of this?

    I didn't quite get fully what this does lol... Even though I read it twice...

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    From my understanding, you are getting the Teensy board to record what you are doing during the race and repeating it - so it will automatically drive the car around the track.

    Wierd though.. the only reason I can think of for doing this, is to collect cash each time you attempt the race.. don't quote me on that though.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    lol what? no the teensy just pushes accept when the race is over repeatedly until it starts again. The two rubber bands around the pad do the 'driving' (the car will just coast along the walls but still win) It's for grinding so you can just leave it on for a bit and come back later and have loads of cash.

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    elser1 Guest
    ex points and cash... get to level 40 this way.. LOL

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    brushless Guest
    For the life of me, it just don't want to work. i set it to keyboard tried every teensy model. the ps3 just says unknown usb device and nothing happens.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I don't have my laptop with me now and I can't remember all the options. You must select the teensy you have. think I selected the first option that referred to a keyboard ??Keyboard and mouse??.

    Worked first time for me. Play around - if you don't come right, I will check for you tomorrow. Let me know.

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    Christiann Guest


    Why not use the B-sec mode instead, based on this idea?

    Think about it: Let your b-spec driver constantly race him a track over and over again, while you are sleeping, at work or school.
    In this way you will get a lot of money too, and you also don't need something to keep the right analog stick up.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    at brushless
    To help you (and perhaps others) out these are settings to check and/or play around with to get the Teensy to work. This replaces step 8 above:

    8.1 In Arduino click Tools - Board: Select the correct board
    8.2 In Arduino click Tools - USB Type: Select Keyboard + Mouse
    8.3 In Arduino click Tools - Keyboard Layout: Select the correct keyboard for your region (I used US English)
    8.4 Click "verify"

    Hope this helps.

    At Christiann Yup, I wish I had thought of this when I grinded for B-spec to do the SLS Challenge to win the SLS. But I could only manage level 36 by doing endurance races (best XP gain) and the cash was not important to me at the time.

    Although your idea is very sound, grinding for cash is the same or even quicker this way than with similar B-spec events and with the added bonus that your A-spec XP increases and not ol' Bob's XP. I am grinding about 1mil Cr per hour. So in 24hrs I grind for 20 hrs to get about 20mil Cr (this is max currently) and then spend a couple of hours to spend the cash on cars.

    Tis a bit tedious, but it gets the job done. Also, with B-spec, you have to press the down button or left analog stick down to exit the Bob's page after a race. I have not tested this at all so I don't know how the constant input from the Teensy will influence the way Bob races in the game. I think default setting is to reduce pace and I surely don't want him to "fall asleep".

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