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Thread: GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept is Available

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    namdlo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kirroosio View Post
    Real POC yeah, this concept is old, there is nothing to "proof". Give a kid VB and this is what you get...
    And your post is POC that if you give a teenager the internet he'll find something to whine about.

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    radialman Guest
    Erm i think its good to know what people are working on! The more homebrew the better so thanks!

    If we have alot of homebrew apps,even ones that do pretty much the same thing they may all serve a purpose ie one may be faster, another one may be more stable,one may have an option the others don't.

    So the more the merrier i say.

    Thanks again!

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    namdlo Guest
    This isn't using anything special to connect...

    Dim result As Net.FtpWebRequest = DirectCast(Net.FtpWebRequest.Create(URI), Net.FtpWebRequest)
    result.EnableSsl = False
    result.KeepAlive = False
    result.UsePassive = False
    result.ReadWriteTimeout = 5
    result.Timeout = 10000
    Return result

    It connects every time for me - unless the server has crashed and then Filezilla won't connect either.

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    balog Guest
    That would be your problem. The built in FTPRequest model is crap.

    Try using

    It's free, and the best out there IMO

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    namdlo Guest
    Thanks! I'll start modifying to this.

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    zakaria Guest
    nice , plz keep the good work!

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    ps3br Guest
    really nice.. keep it up.

    Great job man.


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    namdlo Guest
    Sorry I haven't updated lately - I was sick all day Sunday and most of today (stayed home from work)

    I did manage to re-write quite a bit of the program to include a more stable FTP client. The scans are running very quickly - PS3 is taking less than 15 seconds to scan for 12 games across an internal 300gb drive and an external 160gb.

    I'm scanning the internal drive of the PC in about 5 seconds for 3 games. This includes downloading the PARMA.SFO, ICON0.PNG and parsing the PARMA.SFO file.

    I'm still working on the interface (it's incomplete) and trying to create a progress bar for the downloads. After that I'm going to start working on editing the SFO file.

    My work schedule is going to be pretty hectic so I'm not sure if I'll get everything in until the weekend.

    If anyone has any other features that they'd like please let me know.

    I've attached a screenshot of my latest version - hopefully it looks better than the previous

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    namdlo Guest
    I know this isn't a big deal to most but I'm still moving forward with this. Here are a few screen shots of the newest version.

    I went back and re-did the backend (again).

    Features added:

    Ranking games (stored)
    Genre (stored)
    Game Size / Max File

    Game Size and Max File Size only work on games that are located on the PC. However if the game was ever on the PC it stores that size and displays it for games located on the PS3. Because the FTP server doesn't report files larger than 4gb properly I didn't see any point in scanning it for size.

    Still to do:

    Clean up the interfaces - I have quite a bit to do here
    Finish "task" interface - FTP copy, Local move and FTP delete are all working I just need a way to display them properly.
    Display param.sfo window

    Please let me know if you can think of any other features you'd like to see. I'm still hoping to release this sometime during the weekend. I'm including my newest screen shots with two of the views.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by namdlo View Post
    I'm still hoping to release this sometime during the weekend. I'm including my newest screen shots with two of the views.
    Nice to hear namdlo and +Rep for your continued efforts with this app.

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