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Thread: GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept is Available

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    namdlo Guest

    GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept is Available

    I've created my first POC (proof of concept) version of my PS3 file manager called GroovyManager, with Groovy Installer now also added below as the first update!

    This version is VERY basic. I was more concerned with functionality than beauty in this version.

    Download: GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept / Groovy Installer

    The main screen is very plain:

    Your only option is entering the IP address of your PS3 and then starting the scan.

    Note: You must have the PS3 FTP Server running before you start the program.

    The program will scan the internal hard drive as well as ALL attached USB hard drives

    When it finds a game it copies the PARAM.sfo file and the ICON0.txt file locally to your machine. When all games have been found it parses the PARAM.sfo, creates a txt file of the PARAM.sfo values named Title_ID.txt, renames the PARAM file to TitleID_Drive_PARAM.sfo and the ICON0 file to TitleID_Drive_ICON0.png.

    The programs not perfect but most of the issue occur because the PS3 FTP server isn't stable. I still have to do quite a bit with error trapping, reading local drives and of course making it look pretty.

    I've a link to the program - there's a good chance that I'll release the source code as well (I need to clean up my code first :))

    I'm not trying to take any credit away from the Gamezplorer creator and I'm just a bored programmer looking for something to do

    Please let me know what you think and if I should continue moving forward.

    [imglink=|GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept is Available][/imglink]
    [imglink=|GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept is Available][/imglink]
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    Apr 2005
    Very nice POC namdlo, I have moved it to the Site News so it now has its own thread here and +Rep!

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    hayman Guest
    nice , keep the good work!

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    righi Guest
    great news, i tried earlier the awesome file something and it lacks a progress bar, as it freezes i dunno if it's working or not.

    so this program can come in handy, thx.

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    shummyr Guest
    awesome POC, I look forward to new versions of your app.

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    red8316 Guest
    Looks good, thanks. I'll give it shot after work and see how it works. Cool tool man!

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    tjay17 Guest
    Will this work with transferring files to and from an external hdd that is ntfs to the ps3?

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    namdlo Guest
    I'll add something to show that it's still searching but I don't know if I can add a progress bar. It's recursively searching through the hard drives so it doesn't know how far it has to go -- no endpoint.... adding threading with an indicator shouldn't be too hard to add.

    I have had atleast one person tell me that this doesn't work for them but fileZilla does work for them. This might be an timeout issue. Because I'm so early into this (written today) I've only tested on my development machine -- PS3 and dev machine are connected through gigabit. Can others please let me know if they're having issues connecting and how you're machines are connected? I'll add an option to adjust the timeout next.

    My original post is a little misleading - this only searches the PS3's hard drives right now - searching the PC's drives will be easy compared to this - I won't have to deal with a picky FTP protocol.

    TJAY17 - Unfortunately no. I'm not that good This progams just uses the PS3 FTP server to search through the drives.

    THEBOMB5 - That's great news but I think we're talking about 2 different concepts. Comgenie manages the files on the PS3 - between the internal and external hard drives. My programs is going to allow the movement of games between the PC and the PS3 (internal and external). My program is designed to help those that don't have large drives on their PS3 but have a large collection of games - archiving to PC...

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    balog Guest
    Hey namdlo,

    I'm also having an issue with it. Connection timeout. Am able to connect and transfer via Filezilla.

    If you every need a hand I'm a .net programmer with a lot of FTP experience.

    Great concept.


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    kirroosio Guest
    Real POC yeah, this concept is old, there is nothing to "proof". Give a kid VB and this is what you get...

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