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    I'm on TI84+.. wouldn't know which hex is what.. I am however using the v4b hermes 3.55 spoof.. I can't even get into the first license test, let alone b-6.

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    Sep 2010
    I can't even get as far as your guys. I followd some directions telling me to replace the original eboot wit hthe patched one, FTP the game using Gaia Manager, run with mem patch mode and disc in tray. I do all of this and it kicks me back to the SMB with some error number.

    I was using Open manager prior to Gaia so my GAMEZ folder is in OMAN. Should I still be FTPing the game to that folder?

    I'm using a Teensy 2.0 with I believe the latest hermes payload on a US fat PS3 and the US version of the game.

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    Try replacing the EBOOT again with a fresh copy. Then try Open Manager and do a permission fix, no patches. Insert a BD and choose GT5. Then try it.

    I'm going to retry a permission fix and see if I can get any further into the license tests..

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    My succesful steps was theese:

    1. Transfer GT5 to the harddrive
    2. Swap the patched eboot file - remember US and EU are different.
    3. Run a permission fix - i used some pkg. file called UP0001-FIXP12345_00-0000111122223333
    4. Start Gaia manager
    5. Trigger the mem patch in the manager
    6. Insert a random orig. BD game
    7. Start GT5 and play till you fall asleep

    If you allready tried starting the game and experiencing problems, delete all gamedata before you start over with the guide above. The above worked fine for me, i just started the fourth license now, i think its called IA

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    What method do you use for jailbreak? Do you use hermes? Which version?

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    Iīm sorry. I use the PS3Key, V4.5 - i donīt know exactly what method it is, but it supports 3.55 spoof, so i guess its the latest hermes.

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    I've had no problems without disc but make sure your loader is set to MEM PATCH mode.

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    can you tell us where to find that patch ?

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    Jan 2010
    Here is the clarification. This works 100%.

    Replace your EBOOT.BIN with the right one from the link below. Make sure PARAM.SFO is edited to 3.41 !

    If your stuck in the GT logo screen, go back to backup manager and enable Mempatch/Patched Mode.

    Thats how it works .

    I forget to say - DON'T download any update, this occurs a black screen.


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    Thanks Oversoldier... Just tried the NEW Eboot... and it fixed my problem, where I couldnt load any Licences... Didn't need to delete any data, just swapped the eboot with this 1, and is now working... It even feels like its loading faster.. But maybe i'm just excited ATM lol...

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