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    Any one tested this on external with splitted files with latest multiMAN, cuz i'm hearing some games with splitted files will work now with black screen fix, that before didnt work. could someone test it and report back if its true.

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    you heard wrong. no games with split files will work on external.

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    Please anyone find a fix for the "failed to save data" message?

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    i got gt 5 working all fine , everything works !! my question is if i update gt5 to 1.05 will it stop working ? or will i be able to play online with it ? kmeaw cfw 3.33

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    Hi all, just my findings:

    ago: OFW3.41+JB (cheapest from HK with HermesV4) an GT5 on int.HDD (replaced EBOOT.BIN without any installations by game on HDD) -> worked... freezed from time to time.

    now: USB removed, direct update to CFW-Wanin.v2, EBOOT.BIN replaced with original file, updated to 1.05, 8GB installed -> works without any loading loops or black screen for now ^^

    cheers NIGHTWISH

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    Gran Turismo Fix Errors

    While everyone can usually start GT5, there have been problems on all CFW and payload and managers. This is a thread to address those problems directly. The main problems:

    1. Failed to Save Data - usually occurs after purchasing a car or winning championships.

    2. Freezing after Winning game - self exclamatory, possibly related to data save error due to lack of save during intermediary load screen.

    3. Black Screen - People who have this problem usually, updated, are running externally, or non-modified Eboot or SFO on 3.41(hermes).

    Please include CFW version and manager as well as steps you took to resolve these issues.

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    I'm using Hermes CFW 3.41. Just copied the modified EBOOT over and have had absolutely no issues on my fat 60gb. The only (slight) drawback is that I can't update to 1.05. It will black screen if I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misiekxxl View Post
    if you got logo problems transfer it via FTP at internal hdd, it was working for me.. say what you using 4 ps3/FW/JB/etc.
    still stuck at gt5 logo and i have transferred it via ftp at internal hdd but it didn't work for me i have ps3 120gb slim with fw 3.41 spoof 3.50 and jb stick ps3break v1.1 but i don't know how to know the payload and hermes.. please help me.

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    I have found the solution for gt5 logo freeze. It is due to a corrupt unshown save file. You must search for the currupt file save using FTP and delete it. Has worked for me. Have tested this multiple times.

    IF someone could solve the freeze after race that would be very appreciated.

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    hello everybody, i've manged to make gt5 start without bd disk inside it have magically worked, my problem was the game stuck at gt5 logo , and i have tried everything in this forum but none of them worked for me but now it worked and iam at level 14 it is a great simulation "game".

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