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    Dec 2007
    Waninoko is the only CFW that causes bricks. Get Kmeaws and you won't brick.

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    Jan 2011
    Yep, use KMEAW on CECH-G04 (40G) try it myself it's working..

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    guys please help me, i've done everything but nothing worked for me. i have a problem that after install it stuck at gran turismo logo. i have fw 3.50 jailbreak i've downloaded the game and it requires a disk inside it.

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    does it work flawlessly yet? i have heard people getting a lot of problems one of my friends even bricked his ps3.. dunno what he did.

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    i am on KMEAW cfw install game to hdd then change to org eboot start the game, then it asks me to update game to 1.05 press ok then download 600mb then game works flawless

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    mine don't work at all, after it is installed to hd as gamedata it is stuck at gt5 logo.

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    if you got logo problems transfer it via FTP at internal hdd, it was working for me.. say what you using 4 ps3/FW/JB/etc.

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    Aug 2010
    Tested us version of GT5 on a slim 120GB wanki CFW v2 and multiman .14.0.1

    It boots without any disc inside.

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    I have GT5 working with CFW V2 and multiman

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    Does anyone else get the "Failed to save date" error everytime they play? I have tried all recent managers, payloads, and CFW's. Same result. I even got my hands on a retail and still occured. Have tired PL3 Fix and everything else in the game works. Tried install data and without.

    Thank You for any input I am desperate.

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