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Thread: Graf Chokolo's House Raided, PS3 HV Bible Out & Hackers Hiding

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I can only hope one day the homes of the Sony folks who arranged this get raided... then 3 more times to make it two eyes for an eye.

    I bet Anonymous is going to take action against Sony again.

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    elser1 Guest
    meanwhile junkies roam the streets predating on people... just put other os back and let it be done.. what's the problem with that?

    good luck Graff.. don't stop rockin..

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Neo, April 16th man, they're trying to organize protests outside of the Sony stores in the cities man!

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    costocart Guest
    i would say your life is worth more than the ps3. even if you stop working on the OtherOs your idea will live on and other people will pick up the baton and continue your work and you principles.

    to be great you have to find a way to keep your life and your principles.

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    JugMuffin Guest
    Graf should just retire from this. His work is out there for all to see, and there are many more talented hands to continue on in places where they can't be harassed. He's already a legend and Sony has lost the idiotic fight to keep linux away. The dirty work is done. He can lose everything and gain nothing but trivial satisfaction by continuing. We respect him for all he's accomplished but at the end of the day, is it really worth the unjust consequences just to freely run linux on a stupid gaming console?

    I don't think so.

    I don't see any precedent being set by his case other than a horrible one. If Sony can freely waltz into his living room and take his shit, what could possibly happen in his favour or in favour of fair use and product ownership? Let's see how the pending OtherOS lawsuit turns out and in the mean time keep on steering everybody possible away from Sony products.

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    RexVF5 Guest
    Graf just published court documents:
    Quote Originally Posted by graf_chokolo
    Here are stripped versions of the first TRO and the penalty because of HV bible:

    And here is a stripped version of the TRO from yesterday.

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    kablooey Guest
    Yesterday was GeoHot the hero of the masses, today is this character Graf Chokolo. Now I start countig the days till he make a settlement with SONY like yesterdays hero made.

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