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Thread: Graf Chokolo's House Raided, PS3 HV Bible Out & Hackers Hiding

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    WeedsmokerLOL Guest
    Sony clearly never heard of Streisand Effect.

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    tonybologna Guest
    There's already hundreds of mirrors. I wonder if Math is next in line on the Sony hitlist? Heck, the general public is going to be in line the way Sony is conducting themselves. It's a disgrace!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    it'll be fun when they get hit with a harassment suit..

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    Vivificus Guest
    I'm uploading it on TPB if you want to help keep the torrent healthy.. Coolstuff.rar

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    Brenza Guest
    I'm sorry graf_chokolo, i hope you'll be ok.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I meant, wouldn't you find it strange to host some important files in Ukranian filehosting service for a German guy?

    So, I have a doubt (more like a fear, actualy), he's from Eastern Europe and this would mean bad thing for me, especially considering that Sony began hiring IP investigators, so I don't feel myself secure anymore.

    Is there a proof he is from Germany?

    P.S. I tried logging in to from a german proxy, but the site remains in russian, so it means that either graf knows russian or hosted the files by "point-click-guess" method.

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    MannyMania Guest
    Does anybody know if he is ok?

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Most of the times the BIG GREEN button is UPLOAD ... if you get something red... simply ignore it haha

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    daveshooter Guest

    Big Grin

    No not really bud, he has also uploaded them in several other countries.

    I remember reading a snippet a month or so back included below and because of our friend in Germany, I was wondering what our friends in the Netherlands are up too, because if I was asked where in my opinion was one of the best places for underground labs, I would have to say the Netherlands 1st then Germany, and two or three others. So old friends, its all very quiet over there.? Whats! Up!?

    Not that anyone would be interested, but if I was asked what side of the fence I'd sit on, It would be Geo's and Gref's side every time. because both, did/do hacking for the right reason, as it is plain to see when you talk to him Gref or read his posts, thats he's excited on what he teaches us, and the learning he is getting himself as well.

    I can only imagine the idea's and project he must of had spinning in his head, and the same went for Geo, just sharing it all for the fun of learning, and maybe getting a little over excited and I fully understand letting it all spill out to soon, who knows I don't, but I know this real hackers do it for the right reasons, without stealing or disrupting others its the pirates thats pissed off Sony more.

    "The Dutch police have arrested a 16 year old boy in relation to hacker attacks on the internet sites of Mastercard, Visa and Paypal according to CNN. The attacks have targeted the credit card companies for solidarity against the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who was arrested in London. According to the Dutch press, the boy is under questioning by agents of the computer crimes department of the Dutch police. The authorities have also seized some computers. (AGI)"

    Kids like that and pirates are making matters worse now, because the public will soon be on Sony's side regardless of what Sony's up too. Geo and Gref needs the public vote as well, not just Microsoft's money on Geo's side. allegedly.

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    The public will always be on Sony's side buddy, because pardon me but most of the masses are half-witted trolls, AT best. I've tried finding this news of Sony seizures and raids on news sites in the US and have found absolutely nothing, and doubt I will ever find anything, because it simply isn't something SONY would want being published all over the place, bad PR.

    As to the fears over the IP investigators, screw them. I live in the US where there is still 'some' sort of protection by the ISP from releasing this kind of information, and if not, thepiratebay has a subscription to iPred, which anonymizes your IP (if i'm not mistaken.)

    This as a poster above said is all scare tactics, because they will target the youth (under 21) the most with these methods, in order to scare the population into submission. If they're this ruthless to minors, why would anyone bother defying them right?

    Well, as another poster said previously, graf has big salty balls, and I second that, and also ask that we don't show fear and take not one step back (or else you commies!) against this fight with SONY.

    And yes, we could do this the legal way and battle it out with them, but they are taking this fight into a gray area and are using illegal methods themselves (read the ToS) so we will fight fire with fire as one poster said. They might bring the gun to a knife fight, but we have the darkside

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