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    Apr 2010
    Everyone here should:

    1) Buy an Xbox360 or go back to PC gaming
    2) Never purchase another Sony product ever again (including their crappy music and movies)
    3) Take your PS3 offline - install CFW. Load it up with backups from the 'net and as much software as you can.

    I'm in support of the mob idea also. Must be nice to be able to buy off governments.

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    Feb 2010
    thanks for all your hard work graf! i'm sorry you got raided and have to deal with a lot of political stuff now.

    on another note, screw the mob hits. we should get the muslim brotherhood to do the kamikaze thing to all of sony's buildings, in every country where they are located. after all, the brotherhood are terrorists already. we just need a way to turn them against sony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ijuakos View Post
    On another note, the first link is already down.
    Still working

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    Well this is getting seriously out of hand as everyone else agrees. Does anybody study German law here? And if so would they be able to explain what exactly is going on?

    Seems really strange to hear that they raided graf, as from what I understand the German system is very hands-off kind of system.

    As for the mob hits, any way we could perhaps do one of those wikileak mock attacks? Would be pretty cool, however short they would be down for. A penny lost is a penny lost

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    Apr 2008
    there are always attacks, but they are illegal & you will get caught. I don't know why people here keep bringing up ILLEGAL ways to combat sony.

    Here is a thought, contact a lawyer & explain to them what is happening to Geohot, then tell them that you are a dev & would like to seek legal coucil & or protection from anything like that happening to you.

    Plain & simple, if you own a piece of HW, it is your right to do with it as you please. Some people tend to forget about all the cases that were fought & lost by Comcast & Verizon here in the states. Due to the "CAP" on bandwith being set on the router. If you rent a comcast or verizon router, & modify it, it is illegal.

    BUT if you buy a compatible one with thier network & mod it, or you buy it premodded, then you are in the clear, thus one of the reasons both compaines are trying to figure out a way to "cap" people from the central hub & not on the devices in peoples homes

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    Feb 2010
    because the best way to fight fire is with fire or, using legal ways to fight illegal ways is like taking a knife to a gun fight.

    i can use more analogies, but you should get the point from those two.

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    This doesn't surprise me with Sony. Look at their track record with the music cd protection snafu they pulled back in the day. With them its "By Any Means" any if it violates rights.

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    Inginear, sorry bud but your post surprised me, considering how long you have been around to know, that you can't fight a blaze with a candle.

    And Enohand is 100% right. And its a little worrying that the ones that post foolish Sony hate posts can't see why. Its not for the good of our selfs, we express what Enohand said, its for the good of the gullible ones that continue to dig themselves in bigger holes.

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    damn he actually released that stuff? he has more balls then lady gaga..

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    Just some mirrors

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