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    I'm not a dev but if the system is fully hacked can't someone port any version of windows using the ps3's full system resources? I don't mean a straight port of windows nt on a ppc, but I guess a dev or team of devs would have to figure out a way of running any version of windows on a "fully hacked" ps3...??

    Like a ppc version of win 7.

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    lol did you not even read the posts above? there is no source for windows so porting it is out of the question.

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    I did and i'm asking if its possible?? Not demanding or asking for a version of windows on the ps3...

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    ok well like post #9 already says, "It will never happen"

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    There have been professional ports of window's os's for mobile devices... Are you people just telling me no because

    A. You don't want to be swamped with request posts for windows on ps3?
    B. No talented team of devs from the bottom of their heart would attempt such a process for free?
    C. A and B
    D. The legality issue of porting any windows to any system? I hope your aware that windows 95/98 was ported to psp and runs with certain functionality...

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    no its because there's no source code released to port it from. like post 12 says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazelunatic View Post
    I hope your aware that windows 95/98 was ported to psp and runs with certain functionality...
    Actually, the only functional windows version on the PSP that I'm aware of was Win95 running in Bochs, a x86 emulator. Although it would be possible to port Bochs to the PS3, I suppose.

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    Even if someone stepped through the hex with the absolute mastery to port it over to PPC (which would require insane amounts of time and effort, having the source code to compile to PPC would be much better...) none of the programs would run on windows anyway since theyd all be compiled for x86.

    In terms of running it in bochs... you really don't want to waste your time, it would be SLOW.

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