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    I have now updated the main article with a compiled .PKG version of AsbestOS v2.0 and a video is included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    no, if you want to use the ps3vram as swap space you can, its quicker than a hdd but there's only 256MB of it, which isn't really enough for swap
    I'm not sure how this graf's driver is implemented as I've not had a chance to look at it yet, but certainly it's quite likely to be very slow accessing video memory as the CPU read speed to VRAM is very slow. You can read more about it here: noeman.org/gsm/sony/10307-rumor-ps3-slow-broken.html (where local memory means local to the GPU).

    The PS3 swap driver for OtherOS gets around this by using the RSX to transfer data between main RAM and VRAM because the RSX has pretty good access speeds to both. I'm guessing this should be trivial to port to asbestos, and possibly this is what's being used anyway.

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    Arrow More Updates to Graf_Chokolo's PS3 Linux Kernel

    Today graf_chokolo has updated his PS3 Linux Kernel again. To quote from: dukio.com/grafchokolos-ps3-linux-kernel-updates.html
    So guys, Linux 2.6 GIT repository for PS3 is online again

    Link: http://git.dukio.com/gitweb.cgi?p=linux-2.6 (Mirror: http://www.multiupload.com/VK7QKRB01G)

    • Added new PS3 hv calls
    • Added possibility to access more than one region of a PS3 storage device simultaneously
    • Added new PS3 NOR and VFLASH block device drivers
    • Added new PS3 RAM misc device driver that enables direct read/write -access to the whole RAM of PS3
    • Added PS3 VUART 10 (Dispatcher Manager) support
    • Added new PS3 Dispatcher Manager Proxy misc device driver
    • Fixed return value in ps3ram_ioctl

    But i need your help. I wrote ps3dmproxy driver from my head. You have to test it please and report bugs to me. Unleash your Linux on PS3 !!!

    Later i will code a small program that will show you how to use ps3dmproxy driver. It’s very powerfull, now you have access to Update manager and Storage Manager e.g. on Linux. It means BD drive access guys.

    But hurry up with testing Because SONY’s gendarmes could get me anytime soon
    He also released Dispatcher Manager Utilities for PS3 Linux: git.dukio.com/gitweb.cgi?p=ps3dm-utils.git;a=summary
    Today i will start a new project I called it ps3dm-utils. It will contain programs/tools that use my ps3dmproxy driver and they will give you access to all HV services, like updating firmware from Linux, BD drive access or USB dongle authenticator.

    With these programs you will be able to test my ps3dm and ps3dmproxy drivers.
    Another update from graf_chokolo is below as well:

    Issues with ps3flash.c

    Guys, ps3flash.c is the old driver from SONY, disable it, my ps3nflash driver 1000 times better and replaces it, it gives you more freedom You can activate ps3nflash only if you deactivate ps3flash.c driver.

    Correction, ps3vflash.c replaces ps3fral.c

    Don’t worry, as soon as i get my hands on a PC and PS3, everything will progress faster

    Changelog to PS3DM:
    • Fixed example description
    • Implemented first version of ‘update_pkg’ command
    • Implemented first version of ‘inspect_pkg’ command
    • Fixed data output in AIM
    • Added retval check
    • Negate error code before passing it to strerror
    • Added missing ps3dm_um.c module
    • Yet another error message fix
    • Fixed error messages

    Changelog to PS3 Linux Kernel:
    • Check send and receive buffer size in PS3 DM VUART device driver (arch/powerpc/include/asm/ps3dm.h & drivers/ps3/ps3dm.c)
    • Revised ps3flash device driver due to changes in ps3stor_lib module (arch/powerpc/platforms/ps3/Kconfig & drivers/char/ps3flash.c)
    • Enable PS3 VFLASH device driver only when default SONY’s PS3 FLASH device driver is not activated (arch/powerpc/platforms/ps3/Kconfig & drivers/char/ps3flash.c)

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