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    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    So we almost hacked 3.6 with linux... but with the next update it will be history or is this permanent ?
    Lol.. We didn't on 3.60 with Linux. graf_chokolo is enabling us to install a Linux distro with access to all the PS3's hardware/software control, separated from GameOS. This means you can have both installed, just like the old OtherOS option, but with waaaaay more liberty and control!

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    Exactly, this is nothing to do with games it's about getting back Linux...

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    May 2008
    Eh xD... seems some people read WRONG or i WRITE wrong.

    I meant. So it's possible to install linux on a 3.6 FW ? (hacked because it's NOT official)

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    Apr 2011
    Graf chokolo is one of the best !

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    Apr 2010

    Thumbs Up Great work

    Thank you, Graf. This is going to be very useful for learning to write spu-code. No substitute for running it in real time. Fantastic work.

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    Mar 2011
    BootOS failed to boot vmlinux. I used bootos to tftping and booting vmlinux, both linux-2.6 and ps3-linux show me { PHDR out of bounds },Petitboot can boot up, but canít detect usb keypad.

    { PHDR out of bounds } actually not because TEXT section too large, seems like int kernel_load(const u8 *addr, u32 len) at ${BOOTOS_SRC}/stage2/kernel.c, phdr->p_memsz get incorrect size.

    Any suggestion for this? Thanks!

    Code for bootos;install-bootos;lv2pathcer is from:
    CFW 3.55
    Corss Compiler:
    gcc 4.4.4

    linux-2.6 -> http://git.dukio.com/gitweb.cgi?p=linux-2.6;a=summary
    [email protected]:/home/jerry/workspace/ps3dev/linux-2.6# powerpc64-linux-readelf -S ./vmlinux.stripped
    There are 37 section headers, starting at offset 0x644b40:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Bootos used 0x6c as the .TEXT size, but readelf donít think so.

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    Mar 2011
    I get the point. kernel_load checked the LOADís MemSiz from program header, not add all need sectionsís size from section header. And this is a memory limit for 12M to relocate kernel image.

    12M is not enough for kernel running. But as .bss not need to loaded(ALL ZERO), and will be clear by kernel, and kernel can access more memory. So just ignore .bss

    Program Headers:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Now it works, Here is the console log.

    [Register or Login to view code]

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