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    aries2k6 Guest
    Great work Graf. It would be great if we could get all those updates going.

    Thanks for all your efforts on the ps3.

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    BackHome Guest
    It would be nice if the Linux kernel could be patched to provide a GameOS like interface to Games.

    This would make PS3 just like a Windows PC, running games!!

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    tranvanthien Guest
    Hi all !

    Please make eboot patch 3.41 for resident evil 4 psn eu or us verion. i've already have patch for JPN version. thanks a lot. Could you tell me how to decrypt npdrm eboot?

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    Apr 2005


    This is quite an old thread so I will close it, but you may want to check this article/thread if you haven't seen it already: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-cfw-mfw/g...stom-firmware/

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