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Thread: Graf Chokolo Announces PS3 Hypervisor Exploit & GameOS Dump

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    ChaseHammer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Haksam View Post
    next 3.60 update will sure brick many ps 3s out there... since Sony gonna go crazy on closing them holes
    i dont think sony will ever release a 3.60 update lol. maybe 3.56 or 3.61 but definately doubt a 3.60

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    Sostanco Guest
    good news! Thx to graf someone reale he ps3 dongle ID generator! All of the dongles on the market today (and PSGrade) use 0xAAAA as their ID. With this app you can generate a new ID, which would prevent Sony from revoking your ID.

    p3kg – Xtse

    Generates a Dongle ID Key based on the Dongle ID provided.


    ./p3kg 0xAABB

    Note: must be 2 bytes (4 characters) and prefixed with 0x
    I.e. 0x0AA will not work; 0x00AA will.

    When I wrote this I hard-coded the revoke list on graf_chokolo’s wiki so credits to him and all of his hard work.
    If you want source code, let me know – I’ll make a few changes – tidy it up and post it as well.

    Windows 7 / Uses .NET 2.0

    Usage is very similar, except command is: p3kgwn.exe 0xAAAB

    Replacing 0xAAAB with whatever device ID you like.

    (i didn't write this app it's from the owner Estx)

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    tjay17 Guest
    Very good news indeed hopefully soon we will be able to play new games and possibly online so I can download the demo for Bleach from the japanese psn store.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Great News. this guy is making some significant achievements.

    Go Graf go.

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    Coragin Guest
    Can someone please explain to us out here who are not C++ inclined and explain what this means? Like, does this mean he can now reverse 3.55? Or unpack it and make a CFW? Or make it so we can play all games? Allow NTFS for externals? (That would rule ALL!)

    I know this means he can decypher more of GameOS and what it runs, likewise that would mean removing signed protection ect. But, before I even think about that, I would like to know for sure what could come out of this. Obviously there could be hundreds of things that can come from this, but the outright obvious ones, what would they be?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, your jumping the gun. A HV exploit would allow read/write to that area, which gives higher permissions - allowing for dumping and examining of the HV, as well as, if someone were to write it I suppose, NTFS support (longshot tho!)

    Deciphering things lead to two places - repacking them and running as development, or looking for additional exploits.

    But with control over the HV, you pretty much have control over most of the system, so the possibilities are endless really.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest

    PS3 JailBreak Downgrade Dongle Key Mod for TI-84 and TI-89

    Today BrandonW has updated PS3JB, a PS3 JailBreak Downgrade Dongle Key Mod for TI-84 and TI-89.

    The latest version brings about a couple of changes:

    * You can now specify the dongle ID to be used (instead of always 0xAAAA) when emulating the Sony official jig stick (for downgrading):

    When "Dongle ID:" is highlighted, you can enter the dongle ID using the [0]-[9] and [ALPHA]+[A] - [ALPHA]+[F] keys, or use the [LEFT] and [RIGHT] arrows to increase/decrease the value.
    You can also enter "0000" or scroll all the way to the left to have the application randomly generate a dongle ID each time it is used.

    * There are also a couple of bug fixes involving graphical glitches in the Options menu and enabling the hook even when "Install" wasn't selected.

    v0.09.0001 changelog:
    Allow changing the dongle ID from 0xAAAA to any other value, or "Random" (0x0000).

    A couple of bug fixes:
    Graphical glitch when displaying 8-character AppVar names in Options menu. Don't enable the hook when turning off from "Done" screen.

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    condorstrike Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    But with control over the HV, you pretty much have control over most of the system, so the possibilities are endless really.
    couldn't have said it better myself...

    now all we need is to wait for his documentation, and whatever comes out tomorrow from the conference, maybe for new year we'll have an alternative way to go into service mode without a jig, maybe a recovery mode ...who knows.

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