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    I have added the dongle master key to the first post now as well.

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    alright, dongle master key... thanks boss.

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    quite an achievement! would the gameos remain relatively the same over the firmware updates? i know hooks would be added for 3d games and move support.

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    I think someone should start a new poll. What feature will $ony remove next? LOL

    Last was 3rd party accessories.

    It only DID everything, now it does... there's nothing left for it to do. It only does "stop the door from closing"

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    It's a good idea to enlighten the noobs before they flood this thread with 3.55 Dgrade questions...

    answer: NO, the USB Dongle Master Key will not allow you to downgrade a 3.55 fw PS3 cause that dongle is the same outdated dongle that was reversed by KaKaRoTo and the self files were revoked as of FW3.55. sorry, Sony is not that stupid...

    what it does mean is that, when a new leak comes out of the Jailbreak team or any other and if the self files are usable with this dongle, then we will have it... cracked like a walnut...

    The actual good news is he used a memory glitch to exploit GameOS and that dumping hypervisor doesn't need Linux. In lame terms this means that Sony better start building the PS4; cause now there's really no stopping the PS3 scene, great job by graf_chokolo, mad props...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    Oh he found an exploit in GameOS... Watch out $ony will now remove it in their next update.

    There was no reason to remove OtherOS. Now there is even more reasons why it shouldn't have been removed.
    They'll have to remove GameOS, too And they'll say 'read the EULA - we can do it'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    They'll have to remove GameOS, too And they'll say 'read the EULA - we can do it'.
    and when sales drop, they'll come to your house with a torch to melt the gold traces off the boards. And they'll say 'read the EULA - we can do it...

    back to the story, after this they'll become like Nintendo... they'll give up cause there's not much they can do, so they'll release a bunch of updates to keep developers at bay, because of the fear of piracy.

    Whose Fault is it, Sony??

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    Good news indeed, new year will be very good for PS3 scene!

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    next 3.60 update will sure brick many ps 3s out there... since Sony gonna go crazy on closing them holes

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    Great news, like always you're awesome! thx!


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