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Thread: Gliitch's Awesome XMB for PS3 JailBreak is Now Available

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    Gliitch's Awesome XMB for PS3 JailBreak is Now Available

    Recently gliitch has released what he calls Gliitch's Awesome XMB for PS3 JailBreak users, which is based on PlayStation 3 dev_flash and RCO file modifications.

    Download: Gliitch's Awesome XMB for PS3

    To quote: I have been working away at this for a few days, and its a follow up to my Unstable version of my XMB. Well good news people, it is now fully usable.

    As this is still my first proper release, its not by any means complete. No debug options enabled yet, but i think i have done pretty well. Thank you GregoryRasputin for helping me out.

    Little hint, check out "About Game" from any Homebrew app.

    So, the time came for me to delve deep into dev_flash once again, to see what more i could find...

    Well i found out how to change the title names of each application from User to Playstation Network. In doing so i learned that as cool as these mods are, it makes your PS3 EXTREAMLY UNSTABLE!

    This is more of a learning curve for me, and it can be for the rest of you guys too :)

    To edit the ingame XMB you have to use RCOmage - to decrypt the RCO's and the use it again to put them back together again. RCOMage, Spits out Images and Text folders.

    With NotePad ++ You can then edit the names of the whole XMB top line - edit the English XML file from the Text folder.

    I decided to go a little further and this is where i decided enough is enough, for now anyway... if you edit system_plugin it gives you the XML file and as well as the same folders as before, but with an extra Sounds folder - this is where the System Sounds are stored. which are wavs.

    With editing the system_plugin ENGLISH.XML You can change Everything that the system displays. So if you wanted to change i donno say erm "Please Press The PS Button" to say "Push me and then just touch me, until i can get my, Satisfaction, Satisfaction." You can. Oh, RCOMage doesnt like & characters.

    With all that done, it became unstable, also I couldn't see half of the edits, purely because the icons were messed up. Also, it kept crashing constantly, this is what Team Acid are trying to solve, as well add Debug menu's.

    I'm sure with a bit more testing, could indeed unlock a few things myself, So Watch this space!

    I'd wish to say thanks to Greg Rasputin for pointing me in the right direction, to see where the changes are. Also, Team Acid for making that small change, which for me, has made a MASSIVE difference in my future modding of the PS3.

    [imglink=|Gliitch's Awesome XMB for PS3 JailBreak is Now Available][/imglink]
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    Jes03 Guest
    Nice but I'll mod it the way I want.

    I got icons where I want them and the last mod messed them all up.

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    kAs1m Guest
    He's change the inscriptions! Awesome work!!!

    PSNetwork to PSHell and Settings to Glitch's settings! It's sooo cute and useful!

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    costocart Guest
    That's pretty cool. It might be useful for some people who don't want their kids messing up with the PS3's setting. Change 'Settings' to 'DONT TOUCH THIS'

    Good work

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    xastey Guest
    nice work, think i need to read up on all these hacks and test some of these out.

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    KerKid Guest
    How do you remove this anyway? Just delete the dev_fflash?

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    bowen747 Guest
    i like that !!! nice work

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