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    radialman Guest

    cant hack it!!

    I suppose with all the negativity and demands that have been coming his way lately "he just cant hack it" lol

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    kasugano Guest
    The only thing that he left for us was sony removing the OtherOS!

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by xxkrizxx View Post
    what i think is best is to not release the exploit till the new games come out this year, like need for speed and twisted metal black and all those new games including killzone 3
    Normally that would ring true, but I don't believe these guys would release something that could easily be patched by Sony so hopefully it won't be an issue.

    Also, I wouldn't hold my breath for a PS3 hack/exploit release by September, as far as I know that is just what RichDevX is rumored to have told someone on IRC... it could be BS, false, a joke, etc. but if it's legit then great, of course!

    Update: According to Mathieulh, "nothing is planned on our end" so it appears RichDevX was either lying or joking on IRC... so much for his credibility, unless Mathieulh is lying like he does about using warez, eh?

    Time will tell for sure, but at least others who got access to GeoHot's private info and files are still working on hacking the PS3, which is really the important part as it means all hope is not lost even with GeoHot bailing from the scene.

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    SiZMiK Guest
    He could have left us with something, at least 1 cfw that the devs could have continued. Yes he was clever enough to do what he did, but in the end all he did for us was leave us worse off. Thanks Geo.

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    Apr 2005


    Grojcig is also another guy who is starting some CELL related development work: twitter.com/grojcig

    From a few of the tweets:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Props to dondolo for letting us know!

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    chrykel Guest


    good leave egohot! IT'S YOUR FAULT OTHER OS WAS TAKEN OUT ANYWAY! and everyone should just give up! i think the most we will see on ps3 is the exploits and nothing more... give up and update already!

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    itwong Guest


    It's sad geohot has chosen to leave the ps3 and iphone scene. Well, it turns out planetbeing has managed to unlock and jailbreak the new iphone 4, iphone 3GS with new bootrom after all. Hence, not much of a big deal to the iphone scene. As for the ps3 scene, at least someone got ahold of geohot's metldr and lv2 dumps. Hopefully they make good use of them and do something for the community.

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    semitope Guest
    what updates? he hasn't even put out anything =/ How's about you put out something, THEN give that excuse?

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    xxLindenxx Guest
    after reading the comments, i can understand why he left. He still gave us a lot of stuff so even if he has a huuuuge ego, we probably should still thank or at least stop whining about him.

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    Awayze Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tripellex View Post
    All I have to say is, about freaking time. Lil wannabe pissant was all talk, all ego.
    It's people that are douches and caused him to stop hacking the iPhone. People who complain and moan are noobs who haven't followed him since 2007 and the first iPhone unlock.

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