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  1. #101
    gravesg Guest
    man this just got interesting... this kid might just see something... i still feel like our boys are the best tho.

    hydra and Cerberus are always well.. you know what i'm saying here.

  2. #102
    gtxboyracer Guest

    Update on latest Blog entry..

    MMIO over SPI doesn't appear to work

    I have control over the BIC(Bus Interface Controller) through the FlexIO interface though. Now I just have to figure out what these things are.
    This was amended in the 3rd Post to his blog.

  3. #103
    imtoodvs Guest
    This is the type of progress i'm always referring to. not videos on youtube with fictitious claims of success. I wish geohot all the best in his REAL effort in cracking the ps3. If he finds an opening, i'm sure the devs will have a field day providing the community with full access to the ps3's full potential.

  4. #104
    Warrorar Guest
    i would be glad if people would stop calling him kid... this sounds so unfriendly =/

    but nice progress, i'm interested of he will be able to create a mod chip o.o
    and if he is able. is it a way to a cfw? or to a modchip hack?

    i think the best way would be getting a cfw out of it, that sony cant easily create updates which blocks the modchips.

  5. #105
    Sh1m3oN Guest
    i don't understand how this guy knows in little time, where is the point for study a possible hack for ps3. Is a genius!

    Good luck for him (and we)!

  6. #106
    Nivdeb Guest
    Well I think he worked on the PS3 many days yet. That's not just poping out of nowhere.

  7. #107
    Hosted Guest
    Geo is using this:
    Very interesting.

    FPGA today is used in a lot of products from Digital Video Technologies, Industrial/Scientific & Medical, Wireless Communications to Satellites project in orbit. Satellites and cars typically uses CAN for communication between Microprocessors.

    GeoHot Rocks

  8. #108
    brent0r Guest
    It's good to see that he's going where no one else has tried. i'm not sure if thats true or not but it sure seems that way. it's good to read his progress every step of the way to. loving his work, the guys a legend and i have complete faith in what he's doing. i know hes going to accomplish something amazing.

  9. #109
    hellospaceboy Guest
    For anyone who doesnt read Geohotz's PS3 Blog comments:

    6p0120a7d5b9db970b said...
    I would have put a write only protect bit in there... config only once after reset.

    Did you get a trace of the registers written through the SPI and decode it yet? Sure would be interesting if all it takes is to flip a few bits in the stream on the fly... a mod chip would be trivial just using a CPLD if so.

    George Hotz said...
    Yep, I have a full dump and that would make a mod chip super simple. The only possibly exploitable thing is the configuration ring, and I've looked over that a bunch of times, don't see anything that quickly leads to unsigned. And the config ring is only once after reset.

    But theres a whole set of MMIO you can R/W too, which is why I built this injection rig. Just watched two episodes of Jersey Shore, we'll know in like an hour if the MMIO is locked down or not.

    MMIO over SPI doesn't appear to work
    I have control over the BIC(Bus Interface Controller) through the FlexIO interface though. Now I just have to figure out what these things are.

  10. #110
    Nivdeb Guest
    I really don't understand what he's trying to do... Could someone could explain it more basically?

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