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    Could you upload your PUP so a brave soul like sk group can try it. It does seem like your PS3 died at a very coincidental moment, if the hybridized FW works, then we maybe able to mix 3.55 with 3.41 and keep the best of both worlds.

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    Apr 2010
    i doubt its that easy to make a hybrid 3.41/3.50 firmware etc.

    but as for giving anybody a ylod - HIGHLY unlikely

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    I think I read that certain bad firmware updates cause a ylod and it is essentially a full brick.

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    Ok, i'll upload a PATCH later... you will run it on your pc, and it will patch your 3.50 PUP

    It's actually easy to make one, there is a program posted on ps3news called "gpup" It extracts and packs firmwares (doesn't sign them), it will extract the files from PUP. So i extracted 3.41 and 3.50 Firmware and i opened the "update.tar" that it gave with 7zip.

    I dragged and dropped the 3.41 CORE_OS_PACKAGE on the 3.50 "update.tar" using 7zip and i repacked it using gpup, then i flashed it through service mode(Lv2diag.self way)

    After that, it blinked green and turned off as normal but then, i turned on the ps3, and i get YLOD and then it blinks red nonstop

    UPDATERLOG shows everything went ok!

    Maybe it was a coincedence, ill try a reflow

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    3.41 debug dev flash and 3.50 dev flash

    just decrypted these and got them all extracted figure i'd post em up for anyone interested.


    3.41 debug

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    +Rep for sharing b20vtechb, there is also 3.41/3.50 decrypt dumps in the first post as well if people want to collect/compare them.

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    decrypted lv2_kernsel.self from 3,41 :

    more decrypted files :

    3.41 debug firmware

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    +Rep to Ossi as well for sharing.

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    Is it possible to change the version number of the PUP? i'm guessing the version numbers going to be located in many many different PKGs and other files?

    I'm just playing around really with little knowledge except what i read here.

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    how to make pup file?

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