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Thread: GeoHot Releases dePKG - PS3 Firmware Package Decrypter

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    Ihatecompvir Guest
    Sometimes when I try to decompress it says "inflated: -3" and then says written 0.

    Why does it do this?

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    D4T Guest
    I can't seem to decrypt the CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg ?

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    farenheit Guest
    This looks interesting:
    A9 78 18 BD 19 3A 67 A1 6F E8 3A 85 5E 1B E9 FB
    56 40 93 8D 4D BC B2 CB 52 C5 A2 F8 B0 2B 10 31

    And a initializing vector of:

    4A CE F0 12 24 FB EE DF 82 45 F8 FF 10 21 1E 6E

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    dondolo Guest
    could someone compile for x64 machines?

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    Luckluka Guest
    Now i need to recompile the pkgs..

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    TheBlack Guest
    is it possible to depkg firmware 3.50 or 3.55 and use it with JaicraB USB Firmware Loader v0.3?

    if yes, we can keep 3.41 jailbreak firmware and use updated firmware with USb.

    if no, i think I have to wait a little time

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Don't you mean recompile the pkgs, bundle them into a pup and sign it or am I missing something here?

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    Luckluka Guest
    Only Recompiling pkgs... Bundling them is a piece of cake!

    Signing isn't needed, you can flash it using service mode

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    Ihatecompvir Guest
    Now the only thing I wish for is a version of this tool that just decrypts. Some files in the FW don't actually contain Zlib data (I don't think) and so the program incorrectly tries to decompress the data when in reality it doesn't need to so it just crashes and nothing gets decrypted.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ihatecompvir View Post
    I have Visual Studio 2010 Runtime Libraries and it gives me the "Side-by-side configuration is incorrect"

    I'm running Windows Vista.
    I have the same problem. I'm running Windows 7 x86.

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