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Thread: GeoHot PS3 Custom Themes Hack Demonstration Arrives

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    skatomelato Guest
    This is the start of a ps3 custom firmware... This is a chance of an RCO!!! If a developer replace all the system files with custom then we will have a cfw!!

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    SCE Guest
    Believe me if it was an easy thing, geohot wouldn't even bother posting it

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    Inferis Guest
    It's nice to see another bit of a teaser peeking out. You can tell he just loves keeping people on their toes, and the whole "look what I can do and marvel at it" mentality. Can't blame the guy for being as brilliant as he is... although impatience is the key word here, and it would definitely move things along a lot faster if the methods and dumps were shared among the other capable developers. One can only hope it starts leaking out soon...

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    weii Guest
    I hope this pave the way to downgradable firmware... even if it is not quite there yet.

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    KallaiR Guest


    so what are the benefits for the end user if he will switch to debug mode his console?

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SCE View Post
    Believe me if it was an easy thing, geohot wouldn't even bother posting it
    Well, if we listen to Geohot, everything is easy in the Ps3 hacking, but we are just too dumb to see it ^^

    I'm thankful, but I really dislike him, strange feeling...

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    craig2k9 Guest
    he definetly is a very smart boy.. from the iphone to a ps3 genious! i'll sit patiently waiting on something happening with it! hopefully cfw dosen't mess up online game play... ie.. mw2 + xbox360 + god hack or what ever it was called.

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    sapperlott Guest
    As I see it, CFW is still quite far away. Remember - he modified an unsigned file. The more important files are signed.

    But it's way cool that he found a way to mount the flash just like any other partition from OtherOS. This makes it much easier to play around with its contents

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    SCE Guest
    OK : Two dumb questions.

    Is 360's architecture Cell too?

    Way way later, possible to emulate 360 games with PS3 since it is much more powerful ?

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    dante489 Guest
    impossible!!, even thought you're joking i just wanted to say that even if a 12-core cpu appears! we won't be able to emulate the 360 unless it's colcked @1200mhz or something lol.

    seriously, the number of cores don't matter that much in the emulation world so computing power doesn't equal emulation power, the best thing ps3 could do is emulating the wii or the original xbox!

    anyway lets wait until we say a "hello world" program or maybe a "hello goehot" as he always does it lol.

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