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    Preceptor Guest
    uh... I really really really never expected this to happen. GeoHot haven't done anything really useful for the ps3 community since he released the exploit. I guess he perceived this as a personal offense to him and his otherwise "harmless" (to endusers) exploit. I guess now he has mixed feelings about this.

    First I think he feels he somehow owes the community for the loss of the OtherOS feature, since it was removed due to his exploit. Second he has the "Stick-it-to-the-man-niosis" syndrome because he thinks Sony is going over the edge and abusing its power, removing stuff that people paid for... Now let's see how this grand drama will play out. I will be cheering for Mr. Geo!

    Let's just hope it doesn't end in a greek tragedy.

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    Shrink Guest
    Forget it. If he's really looking into it he won't be able to give us CFW within the next 2 months. Hacking is one thing - and yes - concerning this he is a damn genuis. But building a CFW from scratch - no way he's gonna do it that fast.

    I have lots of respect for his work. Anyway I guess the battle is as good as lost. However it seems it was never won on Slims.

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    SDF Guest
    Even sony have difficult times with the OS of the PS3 and adding things and geohot is saying that he will release cfw?
    yea right... Totally agree with the picture, he is a clown.

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    TUHTA Guest
    cool... but is that mean that geo got something really cool, that can return Reatil to FULL DEBUG?

    and i think its just GEOHOTz 1april's fools JOKE!

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    Surfaced Guest
    He makes only valid points, but I think his idea of the term "security" is too limited for what SCE is really working at. They never said "user security", correct? This is for their company's livelihood. It's that kind of security.

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    CompTronicsTec Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Raze1988 View Post
    I'm sure you can count this a some kind of promise, but I think if he sees this post he will get angry with our community once again.

    He never actually wrote "I promise to", so he may think we expect him to deliver and accept no "I couldn't find a way".
    I honestly dont care if he gets mad either, this is his fault if you wanted to blame any one person. He single handedly cost thousands of people who have no interest in hacking PS3 money and/or features.

    I still dont agree with Sony's method for handling things, so i do hope he is able to "outsmart" them, but that doesnt mean that we wouldnt still have OtherOS if it wasnt for him. Right now he is the lesser of 2 evils.

    If he can do something about OtherOS, great im on board as long as there is no trade-off. Otherwise, like presumably most others, i will just have to update and live with it.

    I guess this is incentive to somewhere down the line get a cheap htpc and set it up to dual boot with linux.

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    Frago Guest
    Yeah geohot is right i paid 800euro for 60gb ps3 with otheros support if i don't need it i buying a slim with 350euro without otheros support right?

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    XSAVAGE Guest
    Homebrew please , i don't care if i can run backups , i just want homebrew

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    ironknee Guest
    Has anyone considered that it is possible that Sony is just using the exploit as an excuse to get rid of otherOS from the old PS3s? They already got rid of it on the slim.

    I imagine there is some legitimate concern about the exploit, but I have a feeling this is something they've wanted long before they even knew who GeoHotz was.

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    SenorPickle Guest
    I can't believe so many of you are slamming Geohot yet again. It seems like its been going down like this: Geohot says he can/will do something, people come out and say that he can't/won't do it, he does what he says he could do, people come back and say it's not enough do more.

    If I provided what Geohot did and got the response that he did I would give the PS3 scene the finger and walk away. For every grateful person (and thats what you should be, grateful) there are a dozen that complain because they want MORE.

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