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    Registered User Glassice's Avatar
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    he's probably right, what about organization consumers? otherwise, it may harm many users to loss of data accidentally..

    it isn't right to remove such this functionality from this device that can be helpful for organization, hospitals, and...

    with all Regards, SHAH OMID (glassice)

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    Any organization that, for whatever reason, actually does use a ps3 for OtherOS then they wont be playing games or using the GameOS whatsoever, and so this (and any future FW update) will never effect them because they don't need to update.

    Any organization using OtherOS can still go online and use their OS of choice's browser to go online and their PS3's FW doesn't have to be up-to-date.

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    Saw this today hehe, for the 'EgoHot' fans I suppose..


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    How long would it take to get CF because I want to play games online soon

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    lol I'd say 2-XXX. weeks

    I'll not update for now, but as soon as I want to play a game that doesn't work without 3.21, I'll have to update anyway.

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    does the proxy still work? im gonna try LOGAN5's proxy to see if that still works when the update comes out in a few hours.

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    Please post the results !! Anyone seen the Offical PS3 boards they are tons of threads on the OTHER OS and how people are so pissed!!

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    As 3.21 is now released, continue discussion here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-on...id-110381.html


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