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    Senior Member Mbb's Avatar
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    GenesisPlus GX Beta (Sega Genesis) Emulator for PS3 Arrives

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    Today a test GenesisPlus GX Beta (Sega Genesis) emulator for PS3 has arrived followed by a GenesisPlus GX V1.0 update for JailBreak users followed by GenesisPlus GX V1.1 with the GenesisPlus GX V1.1 Source Code from the same anonymous source who brought us the PS3SX PSX Emulator a few weeks back and GenesisPlus GX PS3 V1.2.

    Currently the Sega Genesis PS3 emulator supports 2 players, rom/zip support, and svp emulation.

    Download: GenesisPlus GX Beta (Sega Genesis) Emulator for PS3 / GIT

    From the ReadMe file: Genesisplus GX on PS3 it's just for change my mind before i go back to ps3sx

    put all folders so ./genplus ./genplus/roms ./genplus/bios ./genplus/state ./genplus/sram on root of dev_usb000 so the first usb port on your right.

    Support in this test version:
    • 2 Players
    • roms support
    • Zip support
    • svp emulation for virtua racing and Co


    Fixed the sound i've a mini glich look like the sound buffer size is too long ?!?
    Fixe save states already work but freeze on some games so disabled

    i'm using genesisplus GX from EkeEke go to google code for the source code: http://code.google.com/p/genplus-gx

    My thanks go to AerialX, drk||Raziel, charles mcdonalds for the original source code, EkeEke for the uptodate version on wii, psxgroovy at www.psxgroovy.com for the dongle sample , cellframework, Mathieulh and ps3mrenigma.

    With luv Anonymous

    GenesisPlus GX Beta (Sega Genesis) Emulator for PS3 Arrives

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    Great news! just was about to post this also...

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    That is awesome news , I've been waiting patiently for a SEGA Genesis emulator to show up, being a SEGA child myself I was happy to see the Master System ported to the PS3, but was a little upset that no GEN emulation.

    Is there going to be 32X and MegaCD functionality as well in the final build?

    I hope this does go pass the beta stage, as SEGA Genesis was my favorite console prior to PSX

    Happy Holidays to eveyone on the boards

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    Thanks for the news Mbb, moved to the main page now and +Rep!

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    I can't wait for a final release with functioning saves so I can play Rings Of Power, my favorite genisis/mega drive game.

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    Does this mean you are no longer working on the psx one??

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    FINALLY, YES Sega, and Acid... all in one day.


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    This is great, brings back memories from high school.

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    Great news, was expecting this emu long time. Thanks to whoever coded this great emu!

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    sweet! I'm gonna hold out till the bugs get ironed out though. Great work!


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