ok today i was using my ps3 and was showing a friend of mine how to do the RFOM swap trick since he has a 1.31 ps3 and wants to play game requiring higher FW. I earased the online update and did every step. After doing the swap from RFOmn to F.E.A.R I then again switched the game to resistance and shut the system off. After a while i turned the systems on did the online update AGAIN! and playes a while.

When i quit the game i decided to look at the game data utility and i noticed that it sayed resistance but the little video is showed mas the F.E.A.R video. I cheked the information everything was the same exept the file zise instead of it being 185mb it is now 386 mb so not only the file shows a wrong video but also is a bigger file.. IDK if this is something useful but just wanted to share with you ppl :??

also My system is 1.81 and has YDL linux on it also have 2 extra original 60gb HDD also heres a video i did with my SDA idk why i cant open it in my pc but il upload it anyways.