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Thread: Gaia Manager

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  1. #741
    GotNoUsername Guest


    Hi, do 3.5 games work with that manager? anyone tried some move games with it ?!?

  2. #742
    Lakerfanalways Guest
    So what is this supposed issue with The Sims 3? I am still on Gaia 1.02 so I want to be sure before upgrading that this will work with that game and others.. thanks.

  3. #743
    adr990 Guest
    Does the sims 3 work with 1.02?

    Hmm... Also, I cant get Homebrew to load. I see the Eboot.bin files with Icon but loading it just takes me back to XMB.

  4. #744
    zeromx Guest
    Great update... keep it up +REP.

  5. #745
    IslaTurbine Guest
    What determines game compatibility for disk-less booting? Just curious as all of my games do it except for 2 (Transformers WfC and Xmen Origins Wolverine).

  6. #746
    reddevilmeuk Guest
    drizzt84 I'm now using 1.03 and your payload, however my F1 now doesn't work... any reason for this? also tried a handful of other games which did work apart from Virtua Tennis 3...

    am I missing something?

  7. #747
    Lakerfanalways Guest
    Should I just stay on 1.02 because I don't need any additional problems.. just want to know if The Sims works with it.. also Star Wars Unleashed II.

  8. #748
    Bigshon Guest
    Will SvR 2011 work with this?

  9. #749
    here2rock Guest
    Can you run Medal of Honor USA version with this? I am having trouble with it. Can someone please help?

  10. #750
    harveychan Guest
    sims 3 works on 1.02&3 in patched mode her4b ..external. does the remote play automaticly change when you select the game normally ?

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