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    Apr 2008
    drizzt84 - thanks for the great work!. can you please add progress bar when copy?

    option copy between USB1 USB2?


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    How do I update this correctly?

    I don't wanna risk loosing my games hence I'm asking.


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    Thanks again for this excellent manager Drizz.

    EDIT: fagoatse I always install it over the version in my PS3, as in overwriting and never had any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lombers View Post
    drizzt any chance you can include an option to activate the PARAM.SFO editing option only if the user wants it?

    I'm currently using NUS PL3, and the auto detection for version firmware doesn't work most likely due to a permissions error. Therefore everytime I launch a game, it asks me if I would to modify the PARAM.SFO file to firmware 0.0.

    It's a nice feature for those that use it, but I don't particularly need it. Would be good if it wasn't always on...
    I fixed it in git repostory

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    drizzt84, I sent you a suggest to improve the german translation. Would be great if you would take a look at it

    Sorry for my English

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    Yea thanks for the work. I would also like this option on it so we can see how long the download is gonna take. So i think a proggres bar would be good.

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    Aug 2009
    Anyone got SIMS 3 working with this?

    It installed the data here, than went black screen on me, ejecting n injected the disk inside to restart n tried again, still not working.

    Than restarted the PS3 again by ejecting and injecting from the black screen. And tried Mem. patch. still no luck..

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    dl'ed 1.03. what does the 'eboot.bin not found do you want to try fixing permissions?' thing mean? it seems to show up for most of my games need to check more tho.

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    If you patch the PARAM.SFO isn't it possible to set the flag for custom music ?

    Not all games are working with this, but it would be a first step. Thanks

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    thanks for 1.03 onwards and upwards

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