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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    drizzt84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
    There's a bug in the display of the IP address when the Internet Connection is disabled...
    Already fixed in 1.02, please update

    Quote Originally Posted by heroboyzx View Post
    - TITLE ID above the cover - plz remove out

    i think not having a TITLE ID is better
    No, since there is people that uses 2 version of the same game (EU and US) for the different trophy.

    Quote Originally Posted by nukester View Post
    how do i get 3.42 games to work with this, i am using a ps3key with the latest firmware on it
    With hermes (ps3key) you have to install the game upgrade pkg file from usb key/disk and them you had to launch it.

    Using pl3 is more simple

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    andevreston Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by heroboyzx View Post
    - TITLE ID above the cover - plz remove out

    i think not having a TITLE ID is better
    I disagreee, I think it's useful to have it there.

    Please don't remove it.

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    bsensed Guest
    I'm still having problems with F1...

    When i start the game without mem patch, i can play but freezes when saving game. If i start the game with mem patch it will be stuck at the loading screen...

    Using ps3key v4 with Gaia 1.02 with disc in, game folder: HDD0\BDRIPS

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    rommy667 Guest
    Hi, love the manager is their any way you can add support for more than 2 usb drives? ive had to switch to a diffrent manager over this problem and i dont really want to as ive used gaia for a good bit now.

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    SwordOfWar Guest

    May I suggest custom settings and settings labels for each game?

    Example: I enable discless mode for each game that supports this feature. GaiaManager will remember which games have this option enabled, and show some label/icon beside the game. This allows to easily configure settings for each game once, then forget about it.

    I would also like to see a new thread for Features/Suggestions.

    Your manager is still the best flavor, so keep up the good work

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    bsensed Guest
    Got it started by using OBM 2.1H and ftp game to Oman\Gamez +patch on

    so i need a 2nd manager/folder just for this game

    i'm wondered why it doesn't work with gaia...

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    drizzt84 Guest
    have you tried using external disc or using blackb0x ftp?

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    beelzebul Guest
    How come my games on Ext HD aren't recognised After compile with UBUNTU Multi SDK?

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    nukester Guest
    how's the unified BM going, any idea of a release date?

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    gaahmad Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by onyxx View Post
    you can have both managers installed.
    Is there a way to install the games in one place, but use both managers at the same time? If so, what folder can the games go in to be recognised by both managers? I currently have the games in BDRIPS and am using GAIA.

    Or do you have to move the games to a different folder to use the other backup manager and then move them back again when using GAIA again?


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