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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    bylku Guest
    can anybody help me? i have the gaia 1.0 and games into GAMEZ , but whan I want to backup a Wolverine from BRD it do not want to start properly, going back to xbm.

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    wishmaster86 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by snooker View Post
    How do I install Gaia 1.01?

    Delete old rc10 or install over rc10?
    just install over the old version!

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    TheKeiron Guest
    The first post says we can't use gaia manager 1.01 with PL3... but with no explanation! What's wrong with PL3 and gaia manager 1.01? could someone update the first post with a reason?!


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    johnny1233 Guest
    can you make a combination for delete? like L1 + [ ] or something i've got little cousin playing sometimes n they might delete something :S and add a exit button ?

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    ascrounch Guest

    thanks for the update, but your Manager is crashing my ps3 now.

    i use the PSFreedom HTC Desire v0.9.6.2 from Klutsh and it's not working anymore.

    i go back to your RC 10.

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    kachijs Guest
    Can i install Gaia v1.0.2RC3 when i have installed Open Manager 1.17.2 ?

    Will i lose all games ?

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    Apachai Guest
    no you won't, i have 4 backup managers installed on my ps3 and its fine. you just have to be careful with deleting a backup manager (coz it might delete your backups), but updating/overwriting and installing new ones is no problem.

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    kachijs Guest
    so it will overwrite my open manager ? I don't want to lose any games cuz i spend many hours copying games to my ps3.

    does it uses OMAN directory ?

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    drizzt84 Guest
    I didn't updated first post with gaia manager 1.02_rc3 since it miss the select icon in background and I'm waiting klutsh to add it

    Btw as functionality it will be the same as official 1.02, only the background will change.

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    rawdog805 Guest
    Yes, please make this Backup Manager use the OMAN directory... As of right now with version 1.0 it uses the GAMEZ folder placed in the HD0 root which sucks..

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