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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    drizzt84 Guest
    Gaia Manager 1.0_rc10 released, it fixes discless (and it remove the discless option, since it's always enabled).

    First post updated

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    costocart Guest
    lol... i've just dl rc9 and a few minutes after that rc 10 pop ups. salute to you drizzt84


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    New Guy Guest

    Thumbs Up

    love this manager.. really clean interface.

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    TheInVisibleGod Guest
    When I was trying to delete an older version of Gaia by XMB, the console crashed! Now a have a corrupted data icon and can't delete by XMB...

    I tried to install a new version, but the corrupted data icon keeps there, is there any solution?

    Thanks in advance.

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    New Guy Guest
    just curious what the difference with:

    UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-BDRIPS and UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-GAMEZ ?

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    zeromx Guest
    UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-BDRIPS - If your games are stored in BDRIPS then you use this version


    UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-GAMEZ - if your games are stored in GAMEZ then you use this version

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    AliciaLoh72 Guest
    How do i use the ftp in gaiamanager? I enable it still cannot communicate with the ps3. I'm using WinSCP.

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    nukester Guest
    nice work on the new version drizzt84. this has to be the best backup loader out there, keep up the good work!

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    JuGs Guest
    Tested Gaia Manager Rc10 with Medal of Honor, and Works Fine!

    Thanx for all drizzt84!

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    condorstrike Guest
    works fine, but sometimes when leaving gaia, it disables Psgroove exploit and all Icons turn white, there may be a bug...
    and yes Moh works.

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