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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    xcjzerox Guest
    WOW another quick Updated. This is far the best Backupmannager as far from the original one =D

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    EiKii Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by EiKii View Post
    it seems i got some but in the rc9 when i load a game i get 2 discs on the XMB one with the right game name and one just named
    NVM this post, must have been some error in my payload ^^ restarted and was fine ^^

    Awesome work keep it up, now i just want the new payload from ps3key so i might be able to start enjoy everything

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    cbprod Guest
    can the covers still be in BDCOVERS or do they have to be in the gameid folder now? seems abit of a hassle putting each cover into the gameid folder.

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    psycho666 Guest
    so this time i made sure its the latest PL3 with peek&poke and the results changed a bit. here's the full test: tested on minimus32k with latest PL3, tried infamous, fifa11 and ufc2010. the games are mapped to app_home but not to bdvd (both would be better) and all work fine in normal mode(with disc inserted)

    infamous: black screen freeze. with disc in, black screen but no freeze. now something interesting, disc-less off+direct boot on works!(even without a disc inserted). disc-less on+direct boot on doesnt work->freeze.

    fifa: disc-less works. disc-less off+direct boot on doesnt work (back to xmb, same with disc inserted). disc-less on+direct boot same problem.

    ufc2010: disc-less on, with and without disk inserted->black screen (but able to exit, no freeze). disc-less on+direct boot on black screen (both with and without disc). disc-less off+direct boot on works(even without disc).
    changes are in bold

    nonetheless OM1.17.1 still performs better disc-less atm and is worth to look into for improvements. looking forward to updates

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    thedoors24 Guest
    I noticed something weird when I use Gai Manager rc9 with KaKaRoTo on minimus my covers showup but when I use hermes-v4 with it they dont. So I put rc8 back on and they show up again. I am still using BDCOVERS folder for my covers.

    Another thing I notices is when I go into rc9 then exit and try to acess my BDCOVER folder with FlashFXP I cant ,even with comgenies awsome file manager I cant get into it, it like it gets locked after using rc9, I have to restart system to acess it.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Does the latest releases of Gaia Manager still have disc-less support? I read that OM v1.17 had this feature removed? Why would this happen anyhow? I just want to make sure the latest builds of Gaia Manager still support it. Thanks!

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    major7 Guest

    thanks for this cool util!

    I can't seem to get the games ripped with flex manager to show up here. Is there any way I can set the games path?

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    fldash Guest
    What is the big deal with discless support?? Who cares if it requires a disc? I guess unless your BDROM is broken...

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    tonybologna Guest
    I thought the latest compile of OM (1.17.1) was intended for older firmwares?

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    Tokyo Rain Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by drizzt84 View Post
    Done, with rc9 (watch first post) you can put the cover in the GAMEDIR as COVER.PNG (example: /dev_hdd0/BDRIPS/BCES12345/COVER.PNG)
    Thank you very much for this. It's a positive change.

    Here's another problem that none of the manager's seem to be able to address. The game names in the list. Let's say you have the US and UK versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on your drive (because they have different sets of trophies). In the game list they will look identical and you won't know which one you are launching. Similiarly, a lot of Japanese releases have garbled or no text because fonts are not implemented correctly and people would probably prefer to see romanized characters anyways.

    How about letting us drop in a game.ini with a string that defines how the game will appear in the game list? i.e. NAME="Pro Evoltuion Soccer (USA)" and the results in the list might look like this:

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (USA)
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (UK)

    It would also allow people to organize their games in a variety of ways that suit there own needs. The ini could even specify default options for the title like run it in patched mode or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tokyo Rain View Post
    In the game list they will look identical and you won't know which one you are launching.
    This is, of course, assuming you don't have the cover or are just trying to be a neat freak.

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