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Thread: Gaia Manager

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  1. #251
    zzabbas Guest
    Out of curiosity, do you have the Split Second Disk within the Drive...

    From the looks of it, it is trying to wipe the Blu Ray Disk...

    To me it would seem either you are selecting the disk and not the installed game... or it is pointing to the incorrect path

    Can you try delete without the disk inserted?

  2. #252
    drizzt84 Guest
    Done, with rc9 (watch first post) you can put the cover in the GAMEDIR as COVER.PNG (example: /dev_hdd0/BDRIPS/BCES12345/COVER.PNG)

    Quote Originally Posted by PagaN View Post
    I am just found bug in Gaia RC8 (GAMEZ) when i'm truing delete game (Split Second Velocity BLES01384) from external hdd got this.
    Also this problem is fixed in rc9

  3. #253
    Lord Spectre Guest
    Sorry if already asked, which is the size (WxH) for the covers ?? And then, is there any repository ??


    Ah! Good work! It works very well !!!

  4. #254
    fldash Guest
    drizzt: make WITH_GAMES_DIR=backup

    Is correct right for /dev_hdd0/backup?

  5. #255
    drizzt84 Guest
    260x300 (as I said in faqs) and there is a repo
    Quote Originally Posted by fldash View Post
    drizzt: make WITH_GAMES_DIR=backup

    Is correct right for /dev_hdd0/backup?
    Yes, it is.

  6. #256
    fldash Guest
    Thanks... Awesome manager...

  7. #257
    MaxM Guest
    Does the disc-less mode support more games or is it a problem with the PL3 in psfMod?

  8. #258
    DjipOner Guest
    Thank You Very Much Drizzt!

  9. #259
    nukester Guest
    nice work on this. its the only backup manager i will use.

  10. #260
    jhomer Guest
    Thank you for the major support you give to us.

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