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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    hodge74 Guest
    ok here is my setup.. using PSGroove-v3-HWM-IpodNano1g with Gaia_rc8 works perfect exept a few niggles. backup Pain to internal and i have to use a bd for it to boot also direct boot does not work, and then most other game backups work flawless? pls help me boot Pain discless, tia

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    demon007 Guest
    hi folks, just joined the community need a bit of a heads up with the payloads and managers

    this is my setup at the mo

    teensy 2 board with hermes v3 and gaia manager rc7<... this is working fine just want to know if i should reflash my board with the new pl3 hex to make use of new features support ?

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    iloveyou Guest
    Updated to Hermes V4, evilsperm files... Olimex 3.41... used rc8 and got error...

    No default string. Must be loaded from Inifile...after that black screen and hangs... with some games.

    Went back to V3... working as it should.

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    xcjzerox Guest
    Hopefully it fixes the boot.bin missing file that i'm having..

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    drizzt84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tony2711 View Post
    is anyone else having problems copying to and from usb/hdd when theres a disk in the drive? it will only copy the disk not the game selected, it says it going to copy the selected but it just copies the disk instead, and i had another strange thing happen aswell, i copyed 1 game from usb to harddrive worked fine, the i tryed copyin second game on usb, say its going to copy it, but it copies the first game i copied over, only happin with rc8 :S
    Thanks for the reporting, I fixed it in git.

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    Tokyo Rain Guest
    When dealing with covers... there are a lot of cases where the boxes/covers have different codes but all versions of the game have the same internal code (I would imagine for DLC and patching purposes).

    An example of this might be Fallout 3 and Fall out 3 Game of the Year Edition in which the latter contains a bunch of DLC included and therefore you'd probably want a different cover. Same with collector and limited editions and if you were really nit picky greatest hits/platinum/best editions. Of course this would only really matter if you had multiple versions of the same game on your drive or someone brought their drive around to plug into your system and had a different version. In some situations there have actually been different sets of trophies.

    Is there any way to deal with this? It seems like putting the covers in the actual game folders would be the way to go so that it would be known which cover to associate with which game or using the existing covers directory but just make sure the filename for the cover is an exact match for the folder name.

    Probably not a big deal but in the interest of making things perfect, you know...

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    DjipOner Guest
    +1 for Covers in corresponding game folder


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    jawgee Guest
    Total n00b here so please bear with any stupid comments/questions I might make. I'm at firmware 3.15 (original PHAT launch day owner) using a Maximus AVR 1.0 board. I'm using KaKaRoTo's latest payload along with Gaia Manager RC8 and Blackb0x's FTP 1.2.

    One of the things that I pulled my hair out over was where GM was saving the Killzone 2 rip that I just made using GM. I could see it listed in the GM interface, but I couldn't find it using Blackb0x FTP app via FlashFXP. I finally decided to try creating a folder called GAMEZ in the dev_hdd0 directory and lo and behold, the Killzone game folder appeared in that GAMEZ folder that I just created!?!? I would have thought that I should have received an error message or warning stating that I could not create a folder that already existed, but I did not. That was just weird to me.

    One other thing that I can't understand is the "Direct Boot" option. What is this? Would this allow me to directly boot from the GM interface rather than having to go back to the XMB?


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    IHM Guest
    Grrr, i just tried PL3 payload with RC8 and it crashes?, so gone back to hermes v3, waiting for a teensy 2 compiled v4 to try it.

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    sagitarap Guest
    Thanks, Dude , really awesome !

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