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    Jan 2010
    Got it working it, seemed I just needed to update to the just released PSGroove update here:

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    I updated a few game so far so good

    fifa11 update ok
    pes 2011 ok
    ninja gd 2 ok

    so far so good.

    Thank you for your hard work. +rep

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    Is it possible to compile this in Windows?

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    Will there be a Gaia background/covers thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyyylekey View Post
    Will there be a Gaia background/covers thread?
    Good idea!

    Anyway first post I've made here, and its to thank you. By far the best manager available. I hope to see you continue this out, i keep switching around and its taking a tole, haha.

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    drizzt84 it would be great to have the version-no. somewhere one the maincreen. so it would be easier to identifie what is installed.

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    Sep 2010
    rc7 released, it should work with old payloads.

    But if you want to use game patches you MUST upgrade the payload!

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    Direct launch

    Hi Drizzt, am loving your Gaia manager, very nice work.

    Quick question regarding direct launch. I was using original BM before gaia and after the switch if I launch game directly the game works but previous saves for that game are not seen and the game starts from scratch.

    If I launch by mounting disc and then XMB, game saves are seen and game carries on from where I left off. Is this a limitation of direct launch, or is this a bug? (some kind of path discrepancy I would guess)

    Not a big deal to mount then launch but would be nice to use direct launch since it's in there

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    Sep 2010
    Direct launch does not work very well.

    I took it from "Sexy Manager" and I only maintain it since some (or one) game works only with within direct launch mode.

    If I can find a way to fix/improve it I'll let you know.

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    Updated my psfMod and installed Gaia Manager that checks the GAMEZ folder.

    however, when i pick my game from app/game on the XMB, nothing happens? The first time i ran it, it told me to install an update. The second time it gave me error code 8001003D.

    Do i still need a disk?

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