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    Sep 2010
    I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent manager. It works well with a lot of my games.

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    which method/fw are you on, and what did you install?

    i've tried multiple packages, they won't even INSTALL. (wanin v2)

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    No version of gaia manager will work with waninkoko's cfw. It is supposedly on drizzt's todo list for his next release.

    For everybody else on the non-waninkoko's cfw's, version 2.07 has been released.

    Forgot to add the change log info to my previous post:

    • Enabled discless on syscall36
    • Changed syscall36 implementation, from two payloads to only one payload

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    Hi Drizz, did you receive my message about the Japanese font/character support for game titles in GAIA?

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    Hi all !

    Do you know if the last patch Multiman 1.15.00 "Black Screen Games" will be integrated into Gaia Manager ?

    Thanks for all ^^


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    Quote Originally Posted by oust62139 View Post
    For everybody else on the non-waninkoko's cfw's, version 2.07 has been released.
    Is this signed for GeoHot?

    I'm using Wutangrza+GH so if it's not signed for GH it won't install.

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    Yes, I use the same CFW and it installs fine for me.

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    Gaia Manager Game Name

    Is there a way to change the game's name that appears on Gaia Manager? So instead of seeing like

    CALL_OF_DUTY_4_MODERN_WARFARE it could be simplify down to Call of Duty 4 with out the underscores or something.

    Can someone explain the process if possible?

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    You can just install Gaia 1.04.1 but it don't launch. CFW Waninkoko v2 use the same key like 3.41 Hermes I think

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    Jan 2011
    i can install this while p3key is inserted?

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