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Thread: Gaia Manager

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  1. #1171
    Jes03 Guest
    The new GAIA managers DON'T WORK in Wan's CFW. They refuse to install.

  2. #1172
    Anticleric Guest
    Works great. No more crashes. Thanks My Trophy collection loves you.

  3. #1173
    boobaka1 Guest
    i've use latest version (2.05) with no other packages (just the CFW kmeaw and no lvlX.pkg) on a slim ps3 rig (bought 12/2010) and...
    Everything i've tested (about 15 games) is working !!! (have used internal ftp for transfer with filezilla on pc).

    Thanks for this great piece of software !

  4. #1174
    Lucignolo Guest
    Sry, but where is Gaia 2.06 ?

  5. #1175
    olol Guest
    Hi, i've little question for the developer who made Gaia. Before, thanks for your work because this backup manager is the better for me.

    Then my PS3 blue ray reader is broken and the v2.02 of Gaia and earlier have a "no CD" option, but when you update Gaia (v2.04, v2.05 and now v2.06) this option appear with a beautiful "N/A".

    Why this option was disabled? It's possible to enable it for next updates? Because lot of new functions are awesome in v2.05 and for person who have broken blue ray reader like me, playing with new version of Gaia is impossible.

    thanks for reading, if anyone had a solution tell me how i can solve the problem

    PS: sorry for my basic and potentially spelling mistakes (i'm not english)

  6. #1176
    hacktek Guest
    You will have to stick with an older version for now. The latest updates use syscall 36 which is incompatible with the "no disc" boot option of the manager. The trade-off is that it's supposed to be way more stable and should not crash inside games anymore.

  7. #1177
    olol Guest
    Ok, thanks for explanation. I would have preferred to hear an another answer

  8. #1178
    hacktek Guest
    Sorry about that, the older versions aren't bad at all, i have been using it since 2.0 and it has loaded all my games just fine (well, i always load with a disk inside my ps3 so i can't vouch for the "no disk" option).

    It's probably only a matter of time before this all gets sorted out, this scene has exploded in the last month and everything is moving super fast, don't sweat it

  9. #1179
    final94 Guest
    OK, perhaps to make it clear for everyone who is not able or willing to read some posts in this thread:

    - in the latest version gaia is using a built-in payload using syscall36. this payload is not able to serve the "discless" function. that is the reason why it is no longer available. the advantage is: totally stable payload (e.g. no more freezes in xmb) with just very small patches to the kernel. it is made by 2 anonymous guys (btw. thank you very much for this).

    - if you have a broken blue ray drive and need this mode urgent then stay with the latest version which has it build in. disadvantage: you have to live with a less stable payload and will get random freezes here and there. further i think that you will not participate on the coming awesome features because they will for sure be build upon the latest version.

    hope this makes things clearer to the ones who are asking the same questions over and over without reading, espacially not the first f....ing post.

    sorry for the harsh words (and my bad english) but it is annoying to read here since the cfw`s were coming up.

  10. #1180
    IHM Guest
    So what's new in 2.0.6 , don't see it anywhere?

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