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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    farenheit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jurai2 View Post
    just install and dump it off your hdd.
    Cool... Didn't know that, I take it it'll be decrypted so to speak.

    (i'll try that tomorrow late at the mo)
    Quote Originally Posted by Jurai2 View Post
    just install and dump it off your hdd.
    Doesnt work.. I still get an encrypted eboot unless im missing something
    Creating ELF file...
    invalid type: 00000008
    perror: No error
    Do you have any pointers?

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    ojjet Guest
    Hi am I need to update to 3.55 system or it's work on 3.41?

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Versions thru 1.04.1 work on 3.41.

    The latest v2 will only work on CFW 3.55. It's all on the first page.

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    fldash Guest
    Well, since I could never find the 2.0+ source, I compiled the latest version available on GIT and it works with kmeaw's lvl2 patcher pkg... hooray, finally I can run from a directory of my choice and stealth the app...

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    iFirre Guest
    Drizz84 amazing work!! Two questions: Are 2.04 really your work? It's not on the OP in this thread, and can't find any info from you about it. (still using it )

    And is there any chance that you could compile the 3.55 Gaia as the old ones? I mean so we can change the BGG, BHG, HIGHLIGHT Png's?? I really liked that your manager was so easy to change the look of it... But still the best Manager by far!!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I can't get 2.02 or 2.01 on my 3.55 Waninkoko to work. I also tried 1.04 - doesn't work.

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    ps3addict123 Guest
    i installed soulcalibur 4 on external, working seemlessly... but unable to install UFC2010 via gaia manager 2.04. i am running kmeaw on 3.55. the install hangs at 48gb, somewhere at eboot.bin. kindly help, thanks.

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    GrumpyKroniKs42 Guest
    Have you figured anything out for you PS3 CECHA 60G FAT? I installed kmeaws cfw and can play Drakes Uncharted 2, Rainbow Six and Juiced 2. I use the LV2 V4 patcher then Rogero 7.9b, I click on the game and it takes me to the xmb screen where i load from the disc.

    Tombraider, CODMW, CODMW2 they all seem to give me the black screen causing freezing. Drakes is the only one on the internal hdd the rest usb hdd. Can't think of any other info that may help solve our problem.

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    drizzt84 Guest
    Gaia Manager v2.05 released, changelog on first page as usual

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    eminded Guest
    i can't load any games now with new one they took out the discless feature!! my drive is busted, guess i'm sticken with v2.02.

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