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Thread: Gaia Manager

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  1. #1101
    hayman Guest
    hallo ,

    i've balck ops and GT5 working with ps3 4.31,but know i'm on CFW,is there any way to play these games with out downloading the whole game again ... ?

  2. #1102
    Ax3l Guest
    great work! but unfortunately i my ps3 hangs very often at startup of gaia (and multiman) or when i exit from games to xmb (xmb freezes).

    does anybody know if it's a problem of the backupmanagers or with the firmware in general?

    best wishes,

  3. #1103
    D4RK Guest
    I'm sorry to ask, but why is there no stealth version?

    Could you please make one, drizzt?

  4. #1104
    Anticleric Guest
    I haven't tried this version yet. But I have the freeze every other time when running lv2.pkg already. Went from 3.41 to 3.55OFW to 3.55kmeaw. Must be a problem with the original lv2 package.

  5. #1105
    wazer1337 Guest
    Same here, can't see anything on internal, tho havnt tested external.

  6. #1106
    mgrimmenator Guest
    No luck, there error i get is once starting the game and press "START" i get a "Game Data Corrupted" error message. I have deleted the game data. And still same thing. Even if install game data through update package same thing.

  7. #1107
    Zenka Guest
    Gaia Manager v2.02 works on Waninkoko?

  8. #1108
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    It may be a game specific issue, did you try several games?

    I switched my firmware back to Kmeaw's (got it working properly this time, last time seems to have been a fluke, a glitch during installation perhaps and no game would run) and so I was able to install this manager... now BB CS crashes every time I try running it without a disc even after I tried the permission fix. However Rogero Manager has it working just fine, give that a try.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zenka View Post
    Gaia Manager v2.02 works on Waninkoko?
    I posted earlier that it won't install on Waninkoko's CFW. Rogero Manager is more stable at the moment anyway, it just happens to have an awful GUI.

  9. #1109
    Jurai2 Guest
    still getting random freezes on launch with 2.02, also getting freezes when I select a game on 2.02.

  10. #1110
    Demon Cleaner Guest
    I'm also still getting freezes with Gaia 2.02 or MultiMan 1.13, but once they boot, everything works fine, no freezes after.

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