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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    bloodyface Guest
    I guess you are on CFW kmeaw? I have to change my games' eboot or something on 3.55/CFW 3.55 or everything works like it was with dongle on 3.41?

    thanks again and sorry for all this questions.

  2. #1082
    condorstrike Guest
    the update is up from within multiMAN, and as for CFW... there's no need to modify the EBOOT.BINs, it's the same as 3.41.

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    jotavip Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    I'll try with Uncharted 2, many random freezes, let's see with the latest version of multiMAN.
    I'll try too, my Uncharted 2 and GT 5 freezes.

  4. #1084
    bloodyface Guest
    Excellent, Thank you and one last question please, does God of War works without disk?

    it is the only game that I can't make it work I can't find any eboot.bin modded or .pkg for 3.41 and people says that it is not working also for 3.55 can you confirm that with Multiman we can make it works?

    I promised I won't bother you anymore

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    rumblpak Guest
    The old version of Gaia manager saw my backups just fine on my internal drive, the new version shows everything on my external but nothing on my internal.

    Using 2.01 on a slim with 3.55-kneaw

  6. #1086
    condorstrike Guest
    nope, just tried it and GOW3 doesn't work without a disc for me, but I always have a disc inside... so to me it doesn't matter.

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    FMAranda Guest

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    bloodyface Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    nope, just tried it and GOW3 doesn't work without a disc for me, but I always have a disc inside...so to me it doesn't matter.
    My Bluray reader is broken (lens) I will wait ; Cerberus03 is backing up the game and trying to make it works. I hope he will succeed.

    Do you know What is the purpose of the PL3 fix permissions and if it is important to install it on 3.41 or CFW3.55? it depends on the firmware or Games? it is not risky?

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    bew Guest
    I've been having a lot of freezing issues with GM 2.01. I'll boot it up and black screens. Multi loads fine.

    Tried deleting/reinstalling to no avail.

    Any idea's?

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    condorstrike Guest
    guys, I was using the 3.41 version 01.12.05 or 04 and then updated to 01.13.00, and for me all is good, might wanna try doing that.

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