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Thread: Gaia Manager

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  1. #1051
    Lucas252 Guest
    is this based on lv2 v2 or the first one?

  2. #1052
    mgrimmenator Guest
    hey drizzt you da man. way to go.

  3. #1053
    HotRice Guest
    I been using your gaia manager since you first release it. I like it because of speed, quality, and simplicity. Thank you for the awesome manager.

  4. #1054
    wazer1337 Guest
    Hello just installed gaia 2.01. However, i cannot see my games, tho i can see them in multiman.?

    My path is hdd0\gamez. It finds the path when installs it, but no games shows up. If i put a disk into the drive it shows it however but nothing more or less than that.

  5. #1055
    Jurai2 Guest
    2.01 is freezing my system every other time i run it from cold boot.

  6. #1056
    HotRice Guest
    I have cecha01 with ofw to kmeaw cfw setup and I had run Gaia 2.00 with no crash and I have been choosing different game with it then I update to 2.01 and still I have no problem with Gaia at all. Been playing around with different game and no problem. Hope that help jurai.

  7. #1057
    TomoFFM Guest
    i have one problem with the version 2.01, when i start my ps3 the first time and start Gaia, there is no problem! But if i restart the ps3 and open another time the Gaia it freezed!!

    is this problem known? i have delete the 2.0 first and than install the new 2.01 version.

  8. #1058
    lunchyboxy Guest
    Make sure your using "UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-GAMEZ.pkg" when your games are located in hdd0\GAMEZ. Also delete old gaia from XMB, then install the new one. It shouldn't erase the games folder. Thats the only answers I can see to your problems.

  9. #1059
    jhomer Guest
    Gaia v2.01 is working perfectly on my cfw. Thanks for this great update.

  10. #1060
    Mobutu16 Guest
    Freezing in a cold boot.

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