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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    deank Guest
    Maybe he changed something in the latest release - I don't know. The built-in ftp service doesn't handle well 'closing the connection from the remote client' (your PC). It is possible to overcome it by shutting down the whole network service.

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    EliteKiller234 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by drizzt84 View Post
    The offset patch is a payload patch, not an application patch.

    Psfreedom (PL3) can be easly modified to do it (and it will be added soon).
    You should ask to psgroove developers to add it.

    I won't waste time to add it in Gaia Manager, if a user wants to do it I will accept and add his patch...
    I might add it sometime soon...

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    haze67 Guest

    Thumbs Up late reply

    Thx as usual , no offense to gaia but i'm sticking to blackboxftp for the moment, although i ripped my games with gaia bfore, the ftp hanging is a little annoying.

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    deank Guest
    As I posted earlier - the FTP "server" is a built-in application which we (devs) have no access to - no way to make it more stable or alter it in any way.

    blackbox FTP is a completely independent ftp server application and is much better than any managers' built-in ftp (Gaia, multiMAN, rogero, obm, etc, bla-bla-bla)

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    haze67 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    ah, too bad you have no access to it to make it better no worries though, with all tools we get the job done hehe

    have a good weekend man!

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    wahlman Guest
    Gaia is great but I can't seem to get any games to install on my external usb hard drive even though the ps3 recognizes. If anyone has any tricks please let me know. I will keep researching and see how you are supposed to set it.

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    wrathonline Guest
    Gaia will give you two options if, you have your external hard drive connected. If the manager dose not give you any options on were to backup, the PS3 dose not recognize your external hard drive. If you are still having the same issue, try either a different PayLoad or a different manager.

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    factions Guest
    Looking for a bit of help please as I cant seem to get any games to work at all. I have managed to install Gaia ok and when i run Gaia it finds the games on my external hard drive. When I select a game i want to run, ie Heavy rain, Gaia will quit and the ps3 main menu will open as its suppose to.

    This is where things start to go a bit wrong though When i scroll up to app_home/ps3game, the name will change to Heavy Rain and it will play the intro video from the original game inserted, Uncharted. If i run the bit that now says Heavy Rain it will start loading up but boot into the original game uncharted. I can't seem to get it to run any game but the original. Anyone have any tips or ideas for me to fix this? I have tried searching but no luck so far

    It's a ps3 phat on 3.41 with a ps3usbjailbreak dongle (Hermes v4b 3.41 (PSN updated+3.50 spoofing) payload.

    Many thanks!

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    Dr9977 Guest


    Nice to see you got your own little sticky now mate.

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    Riona Guest
    Hi, any ways to check the size of installed games from Gaia Manager? Thanks in advance.

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