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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    costocart Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by snooker View Post
    Where (in what folder) must put the covers ?
    This has been answered a bunch of times. It's in the faq:

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    Riona Guest

    How to know which Gaia version I currently have?

    Hi, I just bought a new PS3 with Gaia Manager already installed; is there a way to identify the version? Sorry I'm totally new to this and have tried searching the forum to no avail. Thanks in advance.

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    lolilolz Guest
    hello, may i suggest you for a future version ?

    I find very annoying to choose a folder when updating/installing the manager. I already have some games in a folder and i think gaia manager must detect automatically that i already have XX games in YY folder, and suggest me to choose that one.

    Also, a function to move all games to the same folder (useful when you dump games with multiples manager, and not always in the same folder, because you don't remember...)

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Go to the XMB, highlight Gaia Manager and press (triangle) and select "Information". That should tell you the version number.

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    Riona Guest

    How to know which Gaia version I currently have?

    Thanks Isla but already tried that and no answer... It only shows:

    Title Open Manager
    Album -
    Patental Control Level 1
    Created 12/24/10 16:22
    Size 96MB
    Version -

    Any other ways?

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    haze67 Guest
    Gaia V1.4.1 and V1.04.2_rc1, both shows V1.04 when hitting "triangle" -- info right? thx for the update!

    i had 1.04 running for awhile without problems,only the ftp hanging,restarting filezilla, it was fixed in 1.04.1, i tested but its worse? same for 1.4.2 rc2, for some reason it connects only 1 time, trying to disable/enable FTP server again is stalling? can't hit ps button or any other button, back to the PC shutting down Filezilla and the ftp server is disabled, i'm sure it isn't the pc or filezilla(set at 1 connection), this prob wasn't there in 1.04

    the BDRIPS folder is not removed when uninstalling/reinstalling Gaia?


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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Works for me... sorry.

    Maybe try reinstalling Gaia?

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    haze67 Guest
    Hi, here's a vid showing the FTP problem, its coming from Gaia as you can see blackb0x ftp 1.2 there's no problem, same goes for multiman. i used gaia 1.04 all time, only problem was the ftp, same as this guy's post ( after updating to 1.04.1 it's not working at all?!

    thx in advance!

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    deank Guest
    The FTP implemented in Gaia and multiMAN is one and the same. You should set your FTP client to ACTIVE connection, set MAX CONNECTIONS/FILE TRANSFERS to ONE (1) and once you close the client you cannot reconnect - that's it.

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    haze67 Guest

    same ftp..okay

    Hey deanrr, i'm using passive mode and MAX CONN = 1, changing to active... although PASSIVE worked fine bfore?!

    its working as we speak only when you disconnect, go back to Gaia, hit R1 to toggle FTP Server OFF, it takes arr 40sec bfore its OFF(its staling?,can't browse the gamelist..), its weird cuse it didn't happen with 1.04 (toggle off/on)

    anyway, it works.. thanks for clearing this up

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