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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    Eventually every thing gets reversed and it is a constant game of cat and mouse. When these protection schemes are developed it is developed knowing it will last only a shot time, but it was estimated that by Sep 2010 the ps3 would get fully reversed and that time table and design objective was met by lasting about 5 years.

    They are just using these people to place blame when it is was and always will inevitably be reverse engineered eventually. A cluster of ps3s were used to reverse ssl encryption in 2008. one more example is cell phones. They are rooted rather quickly which also increases hardware sales but proves a point. Nothing is unbreakable. nothing lasts forever, and they were lucky as heck to have lasted this long. I think a round of drinks is in order at that point. $0xx will keep fighting with a group of fierce legal teams of starving out of work lawyers that will say and do anything for a job.

    And they have too, They have an obligation to their stock holders to sick the lawyers on em as fast as they can. Its sad that most of this could have been avoided by keeping linux in the first place. ow well. Time will tell. lets hope the legal system in California doesn't get pluged up because of this temporary restraining order. Dang and all the listed companies in the complaint are in Cal too. Thanks $0xx for slowing down the court system but protecting our share holdings. People lose either way, sad...

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    RevCube Guest
    Bottom line is that EGOhot fell for the BAIT placed by failoverflow. You gotta be an idiot to think that they never had the root keys all along, they knew they couldn't publish it so they let EGOhot do it, such a smart guy yet so stupid hope he makes it through this in one piece I need my verizon iPhone ruby rained yeah that's right ruby rain is the verizon iPhone jailbreak ruby red just like verizons logo.

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    Agret Guest
    Android OS is Linux I suppose you could make a version of it to run on PS3. Source code for iOS is not released so will never run.

    No that is not true, you can't run wine on it as the cpu is not x86 architecture so it will be like the old macs how you couldn't run it.

    You won't be able to run Flash under Linux due to different cpu architecture. You could still browse youtube in html5 mode though. I think youtube got rid of their 3D glasses feature but i'm not 100% sure, would have to look it up.

    Yeah this will be possible down the track when we can make the XMB autoboot into something. You know it doesn't cost to add cheat codes? Kinect homebrew will run from Linux no prob bro.

    They had the keys, but not to metldr. Geohot found a way to exploit the metldr and get the keys using a method similar to failoverflow's method

    Firmware is not region specific. Get the firmware here: http://dus01.ps3.update.playstation....1/PS3UPDAT.PUP

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    tecmanpr Guest
    I have created a custom firmware that after the program finish to create it you can find it in the fwautopatch folder i read that :

    1. you install it from that folder by putting the file in the directory's PS3 then UPDATE folder and the file with the name PS3UPDAT.PUP.
    2. when you put the pendrive in the console and look for the system update and then update via Storage Media.
    3. the update is saying that is version 3.55 and not 3.55jb(?) after the process is complited the custom firmware is installed, but then you dont see any diference in the console.


    1. the console can take another custom firmware like the kakaroto custom fw?
    2. this custom install only leave open the console for psjailbreak or something similar?
    3. is there anyway to install another custom update without the psjailbreak or similar devices?

    To Install a custom firmware in safemode this is the steps, after installing the cfautopatch with no homebrew folder. put the usb in your ps3, make sure it recognises it. then, leave your usb in and turn off the ps3. then leave your finger on and turn it on again untill it once again turns off. do the same again, however, wait till your hear 1 beep, then 2 beeps in succession. This will then put your ps3 in "Recovery Mode"

    Simply scroll down to "System Update" and follow the instructions! Done!

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    Azarielz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SexyVampiire View Post
    Just rename your homebrews after existing PSN games. like Zsnes could be renamed after say... Rampart.

    Or other things, and then you just change the preview icon to whatever the program really is "Such as an image file that says ZSNES"
    I was thinking the same, but how do you rename it? which aplication can do that, so the ID and name change for good?

    I want to keep my emulators (Snes, BGA, PSX and PS2 when comes) on OFW, and I need to uninstall and install them with new ID and names..

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