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Thread: FwAutoPatch Arrives, Aids in Making New PS3 Firmware Functions

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    kotoi Guest
    sorry i'm new but how this patch help, what does it do, can we play from back-up discs?

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    fantasypower999 Guest
    i'm not sure but the topic says "aids in making new ps3 firmware functions." maybe, just maybe, it does what it says.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    I hate online play and think it is boring but that's just me, to all others you signed an agreement with crap to play online waiving almost all your legal rights so if you want to risk screwing up your civil rights, just play online exercise free speech and be banned and have your console disabled remotely if they detect mods of any kind followed by possible legal threats if they want to close the noose that people jump into without reading.

    Don't complain if you willingly participate in and support such online services designed to give up your power of attorney and enforce slavery,hatred,hypocritical double standards and dictatorship's in some circumstances And then get hurt by the deal you made with the dark side. so, my sleep deprived rant aside, use the free online "LAN" alternative to the regular online gaming method for mods and cheats! and welcome to "online gaming outer haven"

    Homebrew network alternative's are available for all consoles now. When we quit signing stuff without reading it and start working on solutions to these evils everyone wins. or in this case someone with gameshark does. HA :LOL:

    Lets hope the scene recovers and wins for it was not ever intended for evil. It drives performance and enhances creativity and is for educational purposes. either side stands to loose because fighting leads to extreme public examples being made causing anger and boycotting from the general public.

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    longshot1988 Guest
    GEOHOT - one word: CHECK-MATE!

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    ninjanutta2 Guest
    what does this do? can you add geohot hack into 3.55 cfw and flash as normal?

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    Pastare Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dexter1973 View Post
    where download patch... with "511263861c2106ac8d8c614485670075" ckecksum... please help...
    I am also wondering where to find it, or at least where this patch is suposed to be from because I am at a blank.

    I tried a lot of PS3updat.pup but I can't find one with the right checksum. There are just so many and there is no indication of which one we should look for. Any help would be really appreciated.

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    am33r007 Guest


    He was never talking to Sony, When he wrote his "to protect your consoles, get in contact with me all you 3..." he meant the three guys on the overflow team, not sony, ms, nin.

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    gado108 Guest


    I found it

    just download "3.55-Peek-n-Poke_Patcher_v2.rar" in the txt file inside is write a different number but "PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff" inside is the right one.


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    Pastare Guest
    Alright found it thanks to your instructions. Thanks man.

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    drowsy Guest
    Hi five girl!!!! Girl powerrr... wiii...

    The only one loosing here is sony, like all consoles, this one got hacked beyond repair. Time for new innovations and new hardware. Full stop.

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