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    Very awesome and simple to use! If this could be integrated into the PS3 like the Wii's Homebrew Browser which is even updateable then we have a true winner here! keep up the awesome work. Thanks!

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    Dec 2009
    Port this amazing app to Mac OS.

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    Thanks I can't wait to try it.

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    Awesome, this will make life so much easier. Often times I grab old version of programs, get them installed, and then find out there is already a newer version. If this stays current (which could be hard to do), it will help get around a lot of the bugs still in early homebrew apps!

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    Fix the Snes9x in it, version not 1.0.3 it is 4.3.8.

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    Would you consider releasing the source so that people can port your work to MacOS and Linux?

    EDIT: I'd be glad to take a crack at porting it to MacOS.

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    I'd like to second the request for source code... I wouldn't mind trying to port it to linux.

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    For those who have mentioned porting this to OS X/Linux, I'm working on the ports now but it may take some time. Thanks for the good words guys! I appreciate it.

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    release dates would be nice also.

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    Lovely app. Used it yesterday and it worked fine. But today, doesn't work for me anymore, I keep getting "unable to locate download list".

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