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  1. #11
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Great, this is really a very useful program !

    The most recommended homebrew software direct installed on the PS3 - very nice !

  2. #12
    syphonlord Guest
    Great job bud this will make things easier for people, save a lot of time scouring differant threads.

    especially for backup managers which are updated almost daily, +rep keep up good work.

  3. #13
    solrac1974 Guest
    Thanks, very helpful program, wil test it for sure!

  4. #14
    eventum Guest
    Is there a lot of people behind this app to keep it updated? If not, you should recruit some guys to keep it on the bleeding edge.

    It's way too much work for one man to follow the PS3 scene and keep such an app up2date.

  5. #15
    Irvysan Guest
    Thanks, excellent app. Have you considered implementing NZHawk's Awsome Update Finder into your app? That would be a great feature to get updates "delivered" directly to your XMB, It is open source after all

  6. #16
    titty5548 Guest
    superb job, well done mate!

  7. #17
    ormsondo Guest
    AWESOME! now all we need is a Homebrew Store homebrew app for the ps3, with a psn store layout

  8. #18
    probumba Guest
    yeah but weird thing is: no open manager is given in the app... also would be cooler is it would give game updates as well as
    latest hex files, nevertheless thumbs up for the creator you did an amazing job.

    but also it need s a router for the connection i think you need three connections ps3, pc, internet. i use wired connection without internet between pc and ps3.

  9. #19
    tonybologna Guest
    Looks like a nice little application here. Thanks for sharing!

  10. #20
    mike1001 Guest

    maximum respect ! very nice app... works with wine too


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