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    FPS First Person Shooter PS3 Homebrew Engine in Development

    Today PlayStation 3 developer SnakePlissken--PMW has announced news of an FPS First Person Shooter PS3 Homebrew Engine for Custom Firmware in development along with some details on the first game.

    To quote: My Name is Snake Plissken. I am Chief Commander of a group known as PMW NATION. I'm currently directing our groups development branch into bringing to the PS3 one great first person gaming experience by means of homebrew on PlayStation Custom Firmware.

    We hope to release onto the world a whole new concept in homebrew development on the PS3 by developing an "homebrew engine" that future developers can use to make homebrew with to be used on the PS3.

    With the engine one could make your own First person shooter homebrew. It has been proven that other forms of homebrew can be made for and used with the engine as well. Not only that but This would offer a interface for developing homebrew outside of PSL1GHT for all types of CFWs (as we will port the engine to work with multiple types of CFW's)

    Developers would need a way to install a .pkg onto there PS3s. They would then make homebrew in form of "recourse data" with the Gaming engine’s tool chain. that is then coupled and distributed with the engine.

    A user can download the engine.pkg and insert it on a USB stick along side there recourse data followed by installing it on there PS3, the engine would pick up on the resource data, in turn presenting the homebrew content...

    Our first release will be that of our own game using this engine. Upon that release we will release the engine for others to develop future forms of homebrew as well as hopefully more great First Person Shooter Homebrew.

    Our game and its engine will have great features: such as...
    • A version of the engine as well as its tool chain will run well under all modern versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to the new Windows Vista. If you have Linux, it works with that too. But compiling the data to work will be horrible and time consuming
    • Free-Looking free-view (up-down, left-right) pseudo-3D rendered environment
    • A sense of basic objects that a player can interact with move, push, pull, ect.
    • ACS based event scripting
    • In-game hub's
    • Colored sector lighting.
    • Custom monsters, weapons, and items.
    • High resolution textures.
    • High resolution
    • Many, many extensions to ACS
    • Music formats: Ogg Vorbis, MOD, XM, IT, S3M, MIDI, and MP3, MUS.
    • More sound formats: FLAC MP3 and WAVE can be used for sound effects.
    • Texture formats: PNG and JPEG are both useable for artwork.
    • Translucency (regular and additive).
    • Full-featured joystick/gamepad support under Windows. With other device support in development.
    • Player network games using UDP/IP to server support, including team-based game play.
    • Light effects, including dynamic lights, bright maps, and glowing flats
    • As of now: md2 and md3 model support.
    • True color support
    • Fog, deep water.
    • Film focus effects
    • Jumping.
    • Crouching
    • Crosshairs.
    • The works.

    As stated the engine will be developed to incorporate resources data made present to the engine after its installation onto the ps3. Application tools in a windows environment would be used to develop HOMEBREW in form of resource data.

    Releasing PMW NATION the Video Game at first would show off the possibilities of the games engine so perhaps others could take interest. We will soon release a project webpage on the matter and I will surly filter that out to those who are interested.

    With that we personally hope to contribute a lot to the homebrew cafe as we will use this as our basic means of discussing 'certain' forms of our game and its engine's development to the PS3.

    Help getting this underway can be used on this project by those interested and who are familiar with operating PSL1GHT, those who have knowledge in c languages, and/or those who are familiar with software compilation with GCC, should attempt to message me personally at my email: PMWNATIONHOMEVENTS at AOL.COM.

    Hell.. Just email me for any reason, questions concerns ect. Hell you can feel free to ask me a question right now W/e.

    Our engine will be made open to anyone willing to use it in hope that great homebrew will ensue bringing us ever that much closer to a greater tomorrow where we can fully embrace the ideas that are "the soul concept of HOMEBREW" More information soon.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    robgudgeon Guest
    Compiles under win95 & the 'new' vista but compilation will be horrible under Linux?!?

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Mannnnn look at those graphics! awesome ! wicked ! cool !

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    shummyr Guest
    this is great, I cant wait to use this, hopefully as a final project to graduate

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    ps3hacker101 Guest
    i think this is a good idea.

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    Dilbert Guest
    It's based upon Doom ! LOL

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