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    internetfloozy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Tried it out a few minutes ago, got the regular "not a dev package" error, 80029567, which as stated is the same error as trying a Retail/Demo PKG on a Dev system!
    I understand thats not ground breaking but does that mean it may be possible to install dev pkgs on retail? and maybe vise versa?

    The PS3 Proxy doesn't work anymore for me to try installing this on the newest firmware anymore does it?

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    internetfloozy Guest
    Finally got to install SDK 1.92 and just trying to get a grasp off everything. This is what I am trying.

    Extract folding-gamecategory.pkg. make small config changes, recompile to .pkg and compare. Problem is when I compare the two .pkg files they are nothing alike other then the title_ID, the entire body of the file is different when viewed in a hex editor.

    Can anyone clarify this for me, i was expecting to extract, make a small change, recompile and see whats different expecting small change not the entire file?

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    Zerotacg Guest
    I made a PKG Template for 010 Editor (find it quite a good hex editor, competitive to WinHex I'd say quite some time ago and just recently made it "compatible" with latest PKG-Files, maybe is of help. Don't take the variable-names as granted though.

    I reversed the fileformat from some pkg + make_package_npd* from the 1.60 leaked SDK and I read the partly reversed structure that is/awas available on the net that time so credits to them as well, not sure how much I coppied from that one though.

    Another thing I found out was that there seems to be a PS3LOGO.DAT or so, which is embedded in the make_package_npd*, in nearly every pkg which is a png file and is hidden by make_package_npd*. it seemed to be always the first entry so one might exploit that to a certain degree.

    For Devpackages (de)crypting you might want to take a look at [1] not sure if it did change though.

    PS: I still don't really get what you're trying, do u have the dev packages? or is 1.92 SDK able to unpack retail packages?

    [1] http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post255264

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    internetfloozy Guest
    The Dev package of folding @ home is available to download here, its old but something to play with. I can extract it with SDK 1.92 into a folder (of all the files making up the pkg). successfully.

    When I recreate the pkg using the files I just extracted I was expecting the two pkg files to be the same, but I was wrong.

    Any ideas why??

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    Zerotacg Guest
    To your question, for one new make_pkg* versions seem to add/support more properties which are saved within the pkg header, the pkg header also holds the packer version so you might check that value.

    also you might not have the same encryption key as they used, you specify a key in the config file, but I didn't bother finding out how to get the encryption key from that and vise versa, all I know is where you get the decryption key from compiled dev pkg, you can read that in the post linked to, in my last post.

    another thing might be the PS3LOGO.DAT (caps on purpose since it's saved that way) which might not be included in the original pkg. the make_pkg* checks for that filename and won't display it in the filelist, but if u get the location of the filenames you could just change one or two bits to make it like xS3LOGO.DAT and it would be displayed, or change the apropriate string in the make_pkg* file.

    I had some 010 Editor script to decrypt the pkg data for dev packages but I think it's currently unavailable cause of a OS meltdown on my server, but with the description in the older decompile thread it should be possible to do it by hand for the first few lines of the pkg.

    The Unencrypted pkg data has a header as well containing 32 bytes for each entry with 64bit filesize, 64bit offset some flags and filename length not in that order though. the filenames them self followed after that, if I remember correctly, and where multiples of 16Byte zero padded, which is why you can change quite some bytes without a problem.

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    internetfloozy Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    So the KLicensee must be decryption key right?

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    Zerotacg Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by internetfloozy View Post
    Is the key the k_licensee?
    I think so, quite some time ago and can't try atm, but not in plain, if I remember correctly. You could try and compile the pkg with same_files, same config and just change the k_lic.

    The decryption key in the pkg is the 16Byte 0x60-0x6f, see [1], but the k_lic might not be saved to the pkg since it's sony you could try if they save the sha of the k_lic

    [1] http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post255264

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    internetfloozy Guest


    Hope no one minds me continuing to update this thread with small findings, If i don't i will lose everything.

    It appears that when opening a pkg file in a hex editor address 203 [CBh] states if the file is either free or local. 03=free, 02-local

    Also at 254 [FEh] to 255 [FFh] is the package version.. both those variables are set in a config file when creating a pkg file.

    Whatever changed I make to the K-licensee address 288[120h] to 351[15Fh] never changes... this could be that PS3Logo.DAT you were talking about.

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    Zerotacg Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by internetfloozy View Post
    It appears that when opening a pkg file in a hex editor address 203 [CBh] states if the file is either free or local. 03=free, 02-local
    Also at 254 [FEh] to 255 [FFh] is the package version.
    Take a look at the 010 Template I attached on a previous post, most pkg config variables are there, it's like C code so it should be readable.

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    randalf Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    So the KLicensee must be decryption key right?

    My English is not very good, if not the right answer to your question. This is used when they created file.conf Folding-ell GameCategory.pkg:

    [Register or Login to view code]


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