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Thread: Folding at Home / Life With PlayStation PS3 Research - Take 1

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    Assignator98 Guest
    yay! if this leads to a exploit then that means ps3 slim will be hacked you are the man SKFU

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    mekisi Guest
    and there is only one raw SPU (i dont know but maybe it can help).

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    bazza980 Guest
    keep up the good work..

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    numero53 Guest


    I don't know if this could be useful, but probably i've founded another bug in [email protected] that freeze the ps3. This is my configuration:

    - Ps3 slim 120 gb
    - Firmware: 3.01 (this could be the real problem)
    - [email protected]: 1.21

    Every time i start [email protected] it says me to wait because it's preparing to download... But after minutes it doesn't download anything and the progress bar is still stopped... so I exit the game, but the ps3 hangs up for 2-3 seconds and then restart himself.

    This problem occur everytime i start [email protected] I hope could be usefull to you (also if I think no... XD)

    I think that the probem is that I'm still using 3.01 firmware with a recent version of [email protected] Probably new firmware add some function that [email protected] uses...

    If you want I can upload a video that explain everything better...

    Sorry for my English... I'm Italian...

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    livpool Guest
    could be useful, crashes are always good signs

    your english is good btw

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