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  1. #21
    ANC730 Guest
    good work

  2. #22
    cristian21620 Guest
    It helped very much.

    5 stars!!

  3. #23
    OrganicXO Guest
    the game doesnt load i get this error even before it has the chance to notify me of updates. the games have to load first!

  4. #24
    antcarlovisk Guest
    thanks!! usefull

  5. #25
    aloli Guest
    Worked for me, thanks!

  6. #26
    mzlalo Guest
    still i'm getting the 80010009 error, i did exactly what you said in the tutorial but the error is still there.. i installed the package file successfully the yellow color fix update icon is showing in my xmb screen.. the fix update icon get back me to xmb screen but when i click to play the game, again get the 80010009 error...

    i have 4.30 CFW [SC-36|Hermes]. i want to play [watch dogs] and [COD Ghost] but get this error every time... plz someone help me.

  7. #27
    jimbo11 Guest
    update to http://www.mediafire.com/download/o9...3.1_REX_COBRA_

    it will spoof you too 4.65 then u can play all newest ones

  8. #28
    mzlalo Guest
    thanks for the link jimbo11.. i'm a noob never ever upgrade my ps3 system software by myself.. did you try this upgrade link by urself?

    i heard there are some fake upgrade files in the net, can damage your ps3, are these upgrade package files 100% safe?... if i upgrade from these package files no harm will be done to my ps3?..

  9. #29
    matilda Guest

  10. #30
    ixxagexofxjohnx Guest

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